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I love a good search engine "smackdown"–even if I have to orchestrate it myself! 😉

While is making sure everyone knows that its homepage is not the boring, bland, search box that you’ve become accustomed to, Google is heading even further in the opposite direction.

Announcing its new "fade in" homepage, Google takes a shot across the bow of Bing:

…the "fade in" is an elegant solution that provides options to those who want them, but removes distractions for the user intent on searching.

Hmm, distractions like bloody great big sharks?

Now, let’s compare Bing’s homepage with Google’s new design:

"Opposite" meet "contrast."

Which do you prefer?

  • I’m getting used to Bing. Results aren’t that different from Google.

    Google’s white page background looks dull. At least Yahoo’s page is ENGAGING!

  • Joe

    Bing’s homepage is pretty cool with their random facts. I’m the type of person who enjoys these types of things. Some people want the Google Feng Shui “I just need results” look. Not me.

  • Rich

    A coworkers cousin works for a major firm who had some Microsoft execs in to tout the benefits of Bing, to get this big firm to use them for their primary search engine. One of the company people asked the MS guy about his background, bio, etc. The MS guy was frustrated with the question and said, “Oh, just Google me!”

    • @ Rich I hope that is a true story because that is funny.
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    • @ Rich; if it is true, I hope the MS head honchos get to hear of it 😉 or were those head honchos? You know what they say about Quality; it shows.

      Ok, maybe I’m biased. I’m a big fan of Google and will be for a long, long time. Less is always more for me here. It’s that clean, elegant, uncluttered, “what do you want me to do for you?” interface that I love.
      It screams “Go on, go on, type!” and all I want to do is search, not get an education in the process.
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  • Wait… Google has a homepage?

    With search being integrated into more apps, browsers, and dashboards (oh, my), I’d like to see the data of what percentage of search traffic even comes from a search engine’s homepage.

    When I DO visit a search engine’s homepage, though, I kind of like Bing’s flashy design 🙂

  • I think one of the main reason google has so little on their site is for optimisation reasons. Even the file size of the logo is tiny. Fast results is big concern for them.

    I agree with Bing being better looking however.

  • Hi guys

    Bing’s home page is pretty cool compare to google’s homepage and their search result are usually the same but i prefer using the Google than Bing since I’ used to it. And for me, Google is better when in comes to search result.

    Kind Regards

  • I have my home page set to Bing now – I love seeing the “daily picture” – and my daughter even checks it out before she leaves for school on my PC.

    Minimalist for Google is fine for them – but that’s why many of us switched to igoogle pages… cuz is almost TOO boring.
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Watch For Our New Look! =-.

  • WD

    I never understood what was so great about Google’s home page and why there was so much hype about it. Of course, I’ve been a long term Yahoo user, and I like my central place being a place with information on it. Even when I use Google, it’s never from the home page, but from the toolbar (or resulting search page).

    As far as Bing, I use it as well, and it will probably sound strange, but I find the pictures to provide a calming effect while searching. It’s a nice change for the web.

  • ian

    Google started doing that a few weeks ago and I must admit that I do like it. When I’m going to search for something, all I need is a text box and a button. Everything else is indeed a distraction.

  • Joseph

    I love google’s home page. It’s also my browser’s home page – I love the clean look without anything else going on.

    It’s fast and never slows me down. Couldn’t be better – although I don’t really like the auto-complete feature that much. Sometimes that’s helpful, but other times annoying.

  • When i want to search for something why do i need to see sharks?

    Give me a place to type, hit return and show me the results. Simple as that.

    I’m not searching for random facts or need to see a different picture every day. If i wanted that I would search for it. Don’t try and read my mind “Bing” just give me the facts.

    Google has the right idea. Minimalistic. If i need something else, i can find it.

  • Who cares about home pages just give me relevant results.
    .-= Jaan Kanellis´s last blog ..Year In Reviews and Zeitgeists from the Search Engines =-.

  • Arnold

    I really like to read your post but sometime I have a feeling that your in love in Google. Just my opinion.

  • I find Google’s homepage to be MORE distracting. It fades in before you have a chance to type anything in anyway. Not that I’ll ever visit again.

  • Comparing the homepage and design for bing and google is great but I still believe that google made an impact in terms of Search result .Google search result homepage is simple. One thing about google they have an updates for personalization of search results and I don’t know how good it is but I stick to google search result because they give me accurate result rather than the bing homepage design.

  • their is no doubt that the pc guy has a veyr nice page and is smart enough to know what exactly strikes.
    I love bing and cams here using it.
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  • I hope Bing can survive with their 10% market share… Google is unstoppable at the moment with the total control in their hands. If tomorrow Google comes out and says that it’s cool for them to turn the search box upside down and make it flicker in different colors and add that it will actually help users to search, nobody will object. Nobody can object.
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  • anonymous

    for me it comes down to load times and google has found away to do this even faster! time is invaluable

  • Yeah..they are really testing the fade effect …some time it kills me..!! though Google is the best…well bing is also growing up..!
    .-= Shubham´s last blog ..Dofollow Blog With Page Rank 6: Backlinks =-.