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One of the things that bugged me about Google’s iPhone app was that clicking on a search result opened the page up in Safari. If my Twitter app can show me a web page within its own browser, why couldn’t Google figure it?

Well, it finally did!

The new Google Mobile App for iPhone just hit the iTunes App Store:

You can also change the colors of your iPhone app, turn on improved voice searching, and, get this, the new app supports Australians!


Yeah, apparently…

…you can now choose your spoken language or accent. For example, if you’re Australian but live in London, you can improve the recognition accuracy by selecting Australian in the Voice Search settings. And now both Mandarin and Japanese are supported languages as well.

I wonder if there’s a setting for Brits living in North Carolina–cos you all know how strange that accent sounds! 😉

  • Rebecca

    Or being a Southern Californian living in the South. Everyone here just sounds odd all the time to me. It’s funny to watch Google Voice try to ascertain what people are saying here, too, in my voice mail. Needless to say, there are lots of grey words that it just can’t figure out.

  • Dean

    I’m from Canada and no matter what I say it only sends me links for hockey, maple syrup, igloos, and beer.

  • Great news, Andy. They must be celebrating in Oz, now that they’re no longer just English. I don’t think it would have any problems with a Welshman in South Wales…right?

    @ Rebecca and Dean; It’s a baby with teething problems. Let’s give it time to grow and learn. Who knows, maybe someday it will get round to understanding Dholuo

  • That is awsome! We have thought of everything haven’t we?
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