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Twitter iconIt wasn’t too long ago actually that Eric Schmidt was referring to Twitter in terms that were less than flattering by saying the micro-blogging service was a ‘poor man’s e-mail.” As with anything in the Internet industry space just give it 6 months or so and there will be some sort of about face or make up or whatever.

So where are Google and Twitter nowadays? Well, let’s see. There was the “Google is Going to Buy Twitter” phase. Then there was the Google deal for Twitter’s feed reality. Now, all is well between the two ‘frienemies’ as Eric Schmidt appears to have opened his very own Twitter account at ‘eschmidt0’. Oh happy day.

TechCrunch shared this info from the weekend.

Current Googlers such as Hunter Walk (YouTube) and former Googlers such as Chris Sacca welcomed Schmidt to the service tonight, pointing to his account, eschmidt0. Yes, you’d think he could have gotten a better name (for example, ericschmidt is currently suspended, and presumably available). But maybe he’s continuing Google’s love affair with 1s and 0s.

So what was Schmidt’s first tweet? Like any good Twitter user, he took some time for self-promotion:

CNN GPS with Fareed Zakaria on Nov 29th, starts around minute 17; Fareed is a very good interviewer

His second tweet? Another self-promotional one:

WSJ op-ed on newpapers and online news; thanks to the WSJ for publishing!

As MG Siegler of TechCrunch points out Schmidt has caught on early and strong that self promotion is where it’s at on Twitter. As of this writing he had around 3,000 followers and his follow list looked like a who’s who of people whom had also mastered the medium including Barack Obama (aka., his handlers) and as diverse as The NY Times, Jimmy Buffet, AHHHH-nold Schwarzenegger, Heidi Montag, Ivanka Trump, Bob Saget, The Onion etc., etc.

It looks like Mr. Schmidt may convinced some of his friends to get involved as some of the poeple he follows exhibit either a very low level of activity or have made their tweets private.

So welcome aboard, Mr. Schmidt. After all, it may be good business to keep track of what’s going on in the ‘real time’ world. You never know when Google might want to take it over.