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chrome os netbook from techcrunchLast month, there was a minor furor over Google’s Chrome OS. The rumors were flying that it was about to “launch” and you could run it on a netbook before Thanksgiving. Of course, that wasn’t quite the case—as Google had promised all along, it was merely opening its code to developers to prepare for the eventual full launch. (Of course, if you really wanted it, you could always run the code through a compiler—and cross your fingers.)

Well, that full launch is still coming. Google’s original timeline set devices coming out in the second half of 2010. According to TechCrunch, a Google-branded device might be ready for the holiday season of 2010—right on schedule.

Hm? Oh, yeah, I said Google-branded. I know, first we hear about the Google Nexus phone (a “real” Gphone?), created directly for Google, and now a netbook. I thought they didn’t want to get into the hardware….

Says TechCrunch:

Our understanding is that Google intends to have the devices built, branded with Google, and then sell them directly to consumers. The only firm tech spec we’ve heard is that they’ll be mobile enabled, and likely tied to one or more carriers with a subsidy.

Previously, as with Android, Google had said that they intended to work with established hardware brands (from Acer to Toshiba) for the devices. TC points out that outsourcing their own device might make integration with a new OS easier.

What do you think? Will we see a Google-branded, Google OS Netbook in the next year? Or will Google really stick to its original plans of using established computer makers?

  • My guess is if they don’t launch an actual branded netbook they will eventually. It’s probably only a matter of time before Google launches some sort of mobile WIFI service as well. They can’t seem to leave an industry alone.
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  • dsc

    In an attempt to protect their business, Microsoft will definitely use their money, influence and every dirty trick to make Chrome OS flop. When OEM revenue highly depends on Microsoft related products, OEM’s are an easy target for bribes and any kind of bullying.
    I think, with a branded Chrome Netbook Google locks MS from direct access to the manufacturing resources and assures Chrome Netbooks will hit the market next holiday season.