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Ow, brain freeze! Brain freeze!

You know that sensation. It usually accompanies the consumption of too much of a good thing, such as ice cream, milkshakes, or…Google updates?!?

Yeah, apparently we’re at that time of the year when Google initiates its own “brain” freeze–effectively shutting down innovation until the New Year. Writes TechCrunch

…people at Google are still working, but apparently Google has a “code freeze” policy that goes in place sometime in December. If you don’t get your product/service out the door by then, it gets pushed til when the freeze is lifted, likely sometime in the new year. A few Googlers confirmed this policy off-the-record, but all seemed concerned about publicly acknowledging it.

It certainly makes sense–based on the recent flurry of new Google updates–but I’m not entirely convinced that we won’t see any updates over the next 4 weeks. All it would take is some big announcement from Microsoft, and Google will be just a matter of hours behind it–with its own announcement.

You can take that to the bank! 😉

  • I just love that phrase – ‘and you can take that to the bank!’ [twiddles cigar]

    Sorry – it’s a Friday…and I’m still excited after going to last night’s World premiere for Avatar in London. It just has to be seen in 3D – a true watershed moment in cinema history.

  • Hi,

    I think, it’s all depends on how Bing or Yahoo will promote his new stuff. So I totally agree with you “Google will be just a matter of hours behind it”.

  • Surely Google don’t want anything to go wrong especially at this time of year.

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