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Let’s face it: nobody has the attention span to read more than 140 characters anymore. So WordPress’s latest effort—mobile microblogging cross posting to a regular blog—totally makes sense.


Actually, it’s really not a bad shot. Based on an API interface, you can now cross post Twitter updates (with geotagging) to your WordPress account. And really, if all you have to say fits in 140 characters, that’s pretty cool.

Of course, this also shows that WordPress’s tech team isn’t too worried about Twitter. And honestly, why should they be? Yeah, Twitter is popular and gets a lot of hype, but really, it serves a different purpose than full-sized blogs. Twitter is great for one-on-one, fast conversations (like public IM, I guess), and for interacting. It’s less great for . . . well, anything that takes more than 140 characters, for one.

Interestingly, this capability also lets you read WordPress blogs you’re following—through Twitter. Of course, this uses teasers with links, rather than trying to abbreviate 400-word essays, tutorials or rants into 140 characters.

All you need to do this is a Twitter client with custom API support. The official announcement from Matt Mullenweg includes a walkthrough on setting it up on the mobile client Tweetie 2.

What do you think? Should WordPress be more worried about competition from Twitter, or is it better to go the all-inclusive route?

  • huh? Cant you already do this with plugins? Tweet and then have the tweet show on your blog, facebook, where ever you want?
    .-= Jaan Kanellis´s last blog ..Google Living Stories? =-.

  • Is this creating a whole new blog post just for a 140 character max message? Not sure if I’m a fan of that. It should just be something in the sidebar or something that acts as an addition to a blog post. 140 characters I feel is too short to be the bulk of your blog.

    That’s why we have twitter – for those with short attention spans and blogs are there for those who want a bit of a read.

    Sarge |
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  • Will clarity in communication and information sharing suffer?

    Twitter’s strength is in the brevity of the message and the option to click a link and get in-depth info on topics of interest….often on a WordPress blog. Twitter’s a great connection and aggregation tool. If the in-depth is gone then all we have is a lot of blog posts that don’t provide enough useful information ….more clutter on the web.

    WordPress is great technology for so many reasons..I think they need to stick to their core and let Twitter have the last word in 140 characters.