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In an informal survey it would be interesting to know how many of our readers that made it this far into the post use TweetDeck as their third party Twitter app. I for one do on the desktop and as my mobile Twitter app in an iPod Touch. Alas, the old Blackberry disconnect ends my ability to be a full fledged TweetDecker. Are you a TweetDeck user? If not what are your preferred third party Twitter apps. Just let us know for kicks.

So why the interest in TweetDeck? Well, it looks like they are at least finding a way to generate some revenue. In the past the application provider has offered skins for their service for bands like Blink182 but now the film industry is getting on board. Mashable reports

TweetDeck kicked off the series with a Warner Brothers partnership for the studio’s upcoming film version of Sherlock Holmes — the accompanying theme, “TweetDeck Telegram Co.,” is now available for download.

While I suspect I am not the target market for these things it could be interesting to see just how this kind of promotional option pans out for Warner Brothers. It’s certainly worth a try right? If there is a chance to customize your TweetDeck and be tied into something that is important to you (even for a short time) I imagine there is a decent amount of TweetDeckers who could be takers. In the age of quality trumping quantity in marketing (finally!) it could be a good play if the price is right.

TweetDeck says it will be partnering with record labels, bands, movie studios and other media companies to release more themes over the coming year……….Each will present a custom look and feel as well as a dedicated channel for the artist or film alongside the user’s existing TweetDeck columns. In the Sherlock Holmes theme, the dedicated channel features a window into the 221b game.

So what’s your take on this kind of promotion? Is there something you would like to see from the folks at TweetDeck? Let’em know!

  • I’ve long thought this to be a good (not great) model. Weatherbug has done something like this for a long time, the major difference being that Weatherbug makes you choose an interest (travel, sports, etc.) and then skins the widget according to the sponsor for that interest. Because I chose the vertical to be shown, it’s about as targeted as it can get.

    Now, for Tweetdeck, it could get overwhelming if the execution isn’t done well. There’s already so much going on, that the design will be critical; it must complement, not compete with Tweetdeck’s current functionality. See Myspace for the major fail example.
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  • Tyler is absolutely right. With the flood of content constantly updating the last thing I need is a pandora-like, my-space-esque background that annoys and detracts from the task at hand. However, with such novelty, the advertising is for sure to work.

  • I use TweetDeck, and I agree with both Tyler and Spenser. There really isn’t much real estate available in the application to do much in the way of skinning. As a general concept though I think it is a good idea. One thing that comes to mind is the companies that would offer free promotional themes for Xbox Live.
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