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Reading Biz Stone’s op-ed in the UK’s Sunday Times newspaper almost had me snoozing. Not that Biz is boring–he’s actually quite fascinating–but the article was just a recap of stuff we already knew. Then I saw these closing statements:

..It can be these things but primarily Twitter serves as a real-time information network powered by people around the world discovering what’s happening and sharing the news…In the new year, Twitter will begin supporting a billion search queries a day. We will be delivering several billion tweets per hour to users around the world…

(Emphasis added)

Er, did he just say billion? With a "b"?

Does Google know about this? You don’t need to answer that, I know it knows. But seriously, Twitter’s serving 1 billion search queries a day–and it’s not even a search engine? No wonder Google and Bing rushed to sign partnership deals with the micro-blogging site. No wonder neither of them could find the right price to acquire the company!

According to recent estimates, Google is handling around 300,000 to 500,000 million searches a day–about half of what Biz boasts Twitter is seeing. And, let’s not forget, Google IS a search engine.

I can’t make up my mind the exact reason Biz slipped that into the piece. I’ve narrowed it down to two reasons.

One: Twitter just wanted to fire a warning shot across the bow of traditional search engines. Put them on notice, if you will.

Two: We’ll see a Twitter IPO in the next 12-18 months. Twitter has far more users than Google had when it went public. If it can reveal revenues anywhere close to $100 million a year, then I think investors will be tripping over themselves to buy in.

  • Traditionally, Ev and Biz have come across as a little disorganized to me. I mean really, did you see the agendas and plans and other docs that TechCrunch posted? I’ve seen cocktail napkins with more clarity and organization. Even when addressing rumors of being purchased, they admitted they didn’t know what was next for Twitter other than they wanted to stay at the helm for a bit longer.

    And yet they do have an incredibly useful/utilized product. It’ll be interesting to see if Twitter can get by on its usefulness alone or if it will need to grow up a little and behave like a real company with strong management, goals and objectives.
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  • Shouldnt Twitter be making some money before it tries to go public?
    .-= Jaan Kanellis´s last blog ..Google Living Stories? =-.

  • Billion search queries as in, through No way. Possibly, Biz Stone is talking about all the API requests. With sites like OneRiot and Tweetmeme pulling in keyword requests from Twitter, it is not too much of a wonder.

    Having said that, I still don’t think Twitter is actually serving 1 billion queries. He says Twitter will “support” so many..So, you can build a stable that will support 100 horses but will have only 10 in..
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