Posted December 11, 2009 9:54 am by with 4 comments

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When we shared Google’s first TV ad for its Chrome browser, Marketing Pilgrim’s had mixed opinions about it: some hate it, some loved it.

OK, so now we have a new series of TV ads out of Google’s UK office. What do you think of these?

My take? I grew up in England–and our UK readers can will relate to this–but the ads look like they were directed by the creator of Bagpuss! 😉

(via Mashable)

  • Laurent

    It’s quite bad. I think should stick to videos like the “What is Google Chrome OS?” or “Google maps navigation” ones.

  • I like the ads a lot. The last search related adds were those stupid yahoo ones. In comparison these are so much better. Almost as good as the Microsoft 7 party, woot…

  • I like the ad a lot. I like how they use movement and simple colors, its all very pleasing. Will it help sell their browser? Hell no it won’t! they have failed in that department.

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