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Will the New Google Chrome TV Ads Convince You to Dump Firefox or IE?

When we shared Google’s first TV ad for its Chrome browser, Marketing Pilgrim’s had mixed opinions about it: some hate it, some loved it.

OK, so now we have a new series of TV ads out of Google’s UK office. What do you think of these?

My take? I grew up in England–and our UK readers can will relate to this–but the ads look like they were directed by the creator of Bagpuss! ;-)

(via Mashable)

  • Laurent

    It’s quite bad. I think should stick to videos like the “What is Google Chrome OS?” or “Google maps navigation” ones.

  • dean

    I like the ads a lot. The last search related adds were those stupid yahoo ones. In comparison these are so much better. Almost as good as the Microsoft 7 party, woot…

  • Joe Hall

    I like the ad a lot. I like how they use movement and simple colors, its all very pleasing. Will it help sell their browser? Hell no it won’t! they have failed in that department.

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