Posted December 4, 2009 1:59 pm by with 3 comments

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Just days after unveiling a streamlined, cleaner homepage (so much for the magic 28 words), Google unveils a stripped-down version of YouTube pages, too.

Called Feather and now in beta, the new layout removes much of the clutter (or features, depending on how you see it) from YouTube’s typical video viewing page.

youtube feather small

You’d probably assume that the first thing to go would be the comments—the one part of YouTube 99% of us could probably do without. But you’d be wrong. They still display the ten most recent comments (not to be confused with the “top ten” rated comments, as Download Squad reported). Also missing from the pared-down version:

  • Sharing options under the video
  • Playlist options under the video
  • Statistics and data (and its menu)
  • Video responses
  • Embed custom options
  • More from this user
  • More related videos
  • More comments
  • Comment ratings
  • Post comment box

If you’re looking for a way to simply watch videos, Feather may be a great option for you. However, if you want to socialize or explore on YouTube, you’re better off with the current layout.

What do you think? Do you prefer Feather or plain YouTube?

  • I have always thought “less is more” so I prefer the simple YouTube. Less clutter.

  • I prefer less too – I’d most likely use Feather and I agree with you – get rid of the comments.

  • I prefer Feather also. Faster load time and easier to read. I’m another one for getting rid of the comments too – the ones on Youtube are just useless.