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If you are easily the number 3 horse in a three horse race does it do you any good to start saying negative things about how you race? Probably not. In fact, it’s probably better for you to act a little more confident, train a little harder and do something that will move you out of the basement.

This horse I am referring to is Microsoft’s Bing. One of the ways that they have decided to move up in the race is to ingest the number 2 horse (Yahoo), which is a decent play but the final product is still very far off. In the meantime it’s best not be saying the following in a Bing forums thread as reported by Search Engine Roundtable, especially if you are Program Manager at Bing Webmaster Center, Brett Yount

It is well known in the industry that MSNbot is fairly slow.

Ok, maybe it is well known to the industry insider but the rest of the world may not have that level of understanding. When you say something like that though now they can and not much good can come from that kind of ‘exposure’.

Bing has had a pretty quiet start to the new year thus far. With all of the talk of mobile devices and mobile ad platforms and things of the future maybe that warrants Bing being left out of the conversation? Whatever the reason, maybe the better way to make the news is to be reporting on upgrades and improvements like the number one horse has been doing for the past three plus months.

Ooops, I forgot. Steve Ballmer was busy promoting Bing at CES this week with inspiring words of innovation like these which I found in Forbes

“More than ever we are delivering the experiences that people want, where they want them, wherever they are,” Ballmer said in his second-ever keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday night. “And of course we Bing we Bing we Bing we Bing Bing Bing all the time, at least in my world.”

I don’t know about you but this kind of ‘activity’ isn’t exactly inspiring me to confidence that Bing may never be more than a distant second with its Bingahoo offering to Google for a very long time.

Your thoughts?

  • I believe this attitude comes from an assumption (arrogance) that if Microsoft says something everyone will listen.

    They should go back to basics. Get a USP for Bing. In some way create a competitive advantage in some sector of the search world. At the moment they’re a distant third in the race and that horse cannot be allowed to stay in that position.

    • Microsoft has been bad to all of us since their beginning and I am a long time 11 year Hotmail user too. Google has never closed my email account and if it were not for gmail we would all be back in the stone ages. My Hotmail account was closed on me several times and I lost all my data so don’t tell me I am gonna trust BILLY BOY ever again, I will stick to Google till the day my typing fingers bleed. I don’t need Bing or do I ever care if they survive, give me Google or give me death. And one more thing, bad is not the word I would like to type here either.

  • Bing will never catch up to Google no matter how hard they try!

  • Have you really given Bing a shot? Try it out. It really is a good search engine. Marketers are also getting sick of Google’s antics. Customer support for Google, doesn’t exist. I hope Bing can get more popular and beat out Google.

    • Mike your one sick puppy. Domain buyers and sellers will tell you that your not right and another thing, ask Facebook players about their games, is iexplorer being used there? NO too big and slow so if that is the case why would we even try Bing? Come on tell me that? Nope daily players will tell you the truth and that my friend is the way it is. We are cash paying players at Facebook too and we will not use slow and bulky browsers or search Engines. Now at your local sewing circles and wall paper shops you may be ok but not at the speedsters hangouts.

  • Hey Frank – Stefan from Bing here. While this wasn’t our finest hour, know that we are developing and releasing stuff consistently here at Bing. Since we’ve launched in June, we were the first to introduce Twitter results into the SERP, launched Visual Search to help people complete their tasks using a totally different search metaphor than is currently offered by engines, launched the first real-time search system on a major engine, delivered an entirely new mapping platform and achieved great results with our new Bing mobile client for WinMo, BB, and iPhone devices. And that’s just the major releases – we constantly deploy new classifiers, parsers, UX models, and indices all the time in an attempt uplevel the search experience for our growing user base.

    That said, we know we have to win one query at a time. What we’re trying to do is reflect the reality that searchers are using search for more than just finding the URL they want – they are using it as the ultimate ‘information broker’ and continually expect it to do more to help them connect their needs with results in the real world, not just more links. Do we need to be more confident in our pronouncements and in evangelizing our releases? Maybe – but we also realize our place in the current horserace and want to make sure that we don’t come across as the loud-mouthed overcompensator at the cocktail party. We’ll continue to build amazing search experiences that let people do more with search and expand the art and reality of the possible – we hope you’ll try them.

    Stefan Weitz
    Director, Bing

    • Stefan-

      Thanks for coming by and filling us in! We are all hopeful that you can create competition in a real way so the free market system allows for more innovation and success across the board. Honestly, I would MUCH rather see you give the other guy a run for his money than have the government step in. I’m sure the folks in Redmond can appreciate that thought.

      Keep coming back and telling us just how you are improving and what your plans are. Our readers would love to hear it.

      Thanks again.

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