Posted January 2, 2010 6:15 am by with 5 comments

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I have to admit that I spend way to much time at this site. Some may think that I have some sick, twisted obsession with complete losers. But I like to think that it’s my way of appreciating humanity’s potential, by witnessing their lack of success. You see, whenever we fail, we are given a golden opportunity to then rebound and succeed. The clip above is from a great movie called, “Meet the Robinsons”. In this movie a young inventor finds encouragement to follow his dreams by learning how to learn from his failures.

As business people and entrepreneurs this is an extremely valuable lesson to learn. Even the best and most successful are constantly making mistakes, constantly adapting their scope, and changing their direction. Because true failure doesn’t come from our mistakes, it comes from how we react to them, how we adapt and change. If you can’t respond to your mistakes and leverage them to your advantage, then you are bound to repeat them and consistently fail.

So while your colleagues and friends are making their New Year’s resolutions, try making a list of the mistakes you made in 2009. Then beside each one, write a solution. If you can get in the habit of identifying your failures and then planning how to fix them, you should have a very successful 2010!

Good Luck!