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Do You Still Care About .Gov or .Edu Links?

This video Q&A from Matt Cutts didn’t really reveal anything new about how Google treats links–Google doesn’t follow nofollowed links and that’s the story it’s sticking to. ;-)

What did catch my attention was the reference to the weight carried by .edu and .gov links. Matt pretty much debunks any suggestion that a link from an edu/gov TLD carries more weight than a .com one:

I’m sure some of you will debate the “truthiness” of that statement–based on your own findings–but for me, it was a blast from the past to hear anyone talk about edu/gov links. Five years ago, a .edu or .gov link was considered the holy grail of backlinks. These days, I rarely hear anyone talk about them as being any more important than other relevant/authoritive .com links.

What say you? Do you still seek out .edu or .gov links simply because they have that extension?


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