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…and that’s a good thing! At least for marketers. 🙂

Forrester Research has updated its two year-old Social Technographics Ladder–adding a new rung for Conversationalists:

These Conversationalists are certainly on Twitter, but, perhaps no surprise, they’re spending even more time updating their Facebook status. Watching my wife, sister (in-law), cousins, etc, I can certainly see why Forrester is reporting that women make up 56% of the Conversationlist group–and it’s just like in real life. While men tend to have short updates, factual posts, and brief interactions, my observations suggest that women tend to be more engaged, have longer conversations, and prefer the (debatable) privacy of Facebook over Twitter.

With the Conversationlists being just one rung of the ladder below the Creators–those that publish blogs, upload videos, etc–marketers need to pay particular attention to this group. As Forrester suggests…

With conversationalists making up 53% of this group, it’s clear that generating and spreading conversations about [your company] could be effective. If your objective is to spread awareness, it would certainly be worthwhile to create a Twitter identity and reach out to others speaking about [you company] (you can find them through searches) or point them to a site where they can get rewards, encouragement, connections with other customers, or just interesting content worth talking about.