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Here’s a tweet that will likely ruffle the feathers of many in the SEO community:

Yes, Google has apparently donated $2 million to the group that ensures a Wikipedia page shows up in Google for just about anything you search.

Now, let me ask you this. If Google handed one of your competitors $2 million, while said competitor’s web pages ranked on the first page, wouldn’t you smell a rat?

I’m sure we’ll hear a rant from Mahalo’s Jason Calacanis in 3..2..1….

  • I dunno. It seems more like it’s a one-sided thing. I’d be more suspicious if WikiMedia was giving Google 2 millions dollars while consistently ranking on the first page of searches. Besides, having those results come up first usually is the most relevant search option anyways. I’d consider it Google investing in the quality of their search results more than bribing our competitors.
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  • Google has never really had the ability to distinguish between low-quality content and high-quality content, so I’m not surprised.
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  • I am also not surprised. Also i don’t see any problem in this donation. They are awarding one great idea which is being led and successful for years now, while in same time giving a world a lot of information.
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  • Yeah, I dont see the problem here! Hey would love for them to donate a 100 dollars to us on the low totem pole!!

  • Stelios

    Boohoo! Google brings up first an open, non-profit site that is actually useful to people, instead of the marketing BS that I want to shove down people’s throats. This must be because Wikimedia is willing to accept two million dollars from Google…oh wait, that doesn’t even make any sense. Yup, I’m a complete idiot.

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  • I think Google should find a way to put the Wikipedia page at the bottom of the first page, and not count it against SEO of other sites as a competitor – otherwise we can call this a Google allowed Wikipedia SEO Monopoly. Wow, what a concept. Who owns Wikipedia? – or who will one day own it? If it has a guaranteed top ranking then once again we have the possibility of now the Internet being controlled to the bidding, liking or direction of an elite few…keep the landscape competitive and when people go above competitiveness, toss them a bone, known by all, for their benefit, and not to anyone else’s detriment!

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