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Mobile search, like the rest of the mobile web, is really in its infancy. While we are definitely making leaps and bounds all the time, a lot of the future of the mobile web is TBD—including which provider, if any, will dominate mobile search.

Or so we thought. Using browsing info from its popular mobile client, Opera Mini, Opera Software recently found that Google search accounts for 9% of all page views on the mobile web. That’s right, not just 9% of all mobile searches—9% of all web page views.

That’s a lot of searches. Not all desktop behavior has translated well to the mobile web, but a preference for Google for web search might be one of those things we have a hard time shaking. It also helps that Google’s name has become synonymous with searching.

As on the desktop scene, Google is well ahead of the other popular search engines—Yahoo! accounts for 4.3% of page views and Bing serves 0.03% of all page views.

We have to note here that that doesn’t include text/SMS searches (Google has a service for that at 466453 — GOOGLE, as does Yahoo [92466], but other well-known providers include ChaCha [242242] and KGB [542542]).

What do you think? Are Opera users just strong Google users, or is this representative of all mobile web usage?

  • I don´t think a ratio of 1:9 (search to content) is so unusual – why should it be different on mobile phone where we can browse around much less than on a desktop?

    Anyway, just wondering, could there be a reporting bug involved?

    If I have google mobile search installed as my default home page, does it count as a search?
    If I enter anything in the URL-field is a search generated automatically?
    Does the browser come with pre-installed bookmarks that generate searches?

  • I can believe that, especially with regards to mobile searches – my mobile from vodaphone has a widget pre-installed to search the web… and it’s provided by Google. All I do is type it into the little box on the main screen and I’m away.
    I think it’d be interesting if Bing or Yahoo perhaps made a bigger headway into mobile search with something similar, though whether or not it will take off would be another matter.
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