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Bing has a lot to learn about sharing big news on its blog.

Take this post for example: spatial search: the next frontier

Cute title, but doesn’t tell me anything about the announcement.

Or take the actual post. 1300+ words and you have to read 628 of them, before you get to the announcment. Talk about burying the lead!

Fortunately, I have a man on the inside (hi Scott) that makes sure I don’t miss important news from Bing. Such as, the awesomeness of the forthcoming Streetside Photos in Bing Maps.

Watch this 2:35 video and you’ll see this cool technology integrates with Flickr images:


What, you don’t have a couple of minutes? Here’s the summary:

Streetside Photos application (in technology preview): Available today, this tech preview mines geo-tagged photos from Flickr, and relates them to the Streetside imagery in Bing Maps. As more people contribute and share imagery, we can reunite those photos with the location where they were taken. This application will also enable the layering of historical imagery, so people can go back in time and see a location as it existed decades prior.

Awesome news, that was almost missed.

  • I know that there are different schools of thought on every topic. For me, it just seems like bing has not become my engine of choice. I am not knocking it at all. They obviosly did not spare a dime in its creation. I said that to ask this. How well do you think that Bing is going to do in the long run? Does Google have something to be concerned with? Will Yahoo! lose even more market share?

    • Well, Google just ran its first TV ad ever–during the Super Bowl no less. Some suggest that’s a sign that Bing is scaring it a little. 😉

  • (I swear, search engines are the worst when it comes to burying the lead! I can’t even read the first paragraph of most of Google’s announcement blog posts—cut to the chase!)

  • Craig

    Hi Andy,

    Speaking of titles… this post title has a TYPO (Intergration) 🙂 Is that some kind of crazy calculated tactic to get on the first page of Google with the typo of integration? If so then you have done it! First page in Google for “intergration” WooHoo! 🙂

    • You weren’t supposed to notice that! 😉