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The other day I was on Twitter and saw a tweet that really summed up social media marketing. OK, so I know that James is talking more about SEO here, but truthfully, giving your audience something to talk about is at the heart of social media marketing. Bonnie Raitt knew this secret in 1991–way before our modern conception of social media existed!
When folks are talking about your content they are talking about your brand. When folks are talking about your content they are sharing your ideas. When folks are talking about your content they are linking to your site. When folks are talking about your content they are strengthening your brand by contributing to the dialog. When folks are talking about your content they are making you money.

Let’s Give them Something To Talk About!

OK, so we know that our content needs to further the dialog, but why is it that some content gets talked about and some just lays there like a dead fish? It’s because most people only like talking about certain things.

People like talking about:

  • things that make them laugh.
  • things that make them cry.
  • things that make them angry.
  • things that inspire them.
  • things that make them think.

See those social media buttons below this post? Those buttons are useless without engaging content. Without engaging content that people want to talk about or share, those buttons are a waste of space. That’s why here at Marketing Pilgrim we work hard to create content that you want to share with your friends. So next time you are creating content ask yourself, will people talk about this? If not, then don’t expect it to do well in social media.

Until next time, start a conversation with your own content today!

  • You guys always seem to get it right with Social Media!
    Good advice in Simple language is your Mantra.
    Keep it coming!
    .-= Viki´s last blog ..Password Protect and Encrypt Files With Any Extension On Your Computer With All File Locker =-.

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  • Great thoughts, Joe! I’m glad I could serve as the impetus for the post!

    You’re absolutely right, Bonnie Rait had the driving principle of social media marketing nailed ages ago. Everyone jumping into social media wants to “go viral,” but the reality is that if you can produce content that will get people talking – it may be realistic for your content to be propagated out at exponential rates through social networks.

    And now – I’m going to go write my own ‘viral’ post 🙂

  • dream come true 🙂

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  • If you saw Nip/Tuck this week, you got a lesson in the dangers of SMM: one of the plastic surgeons gave his partner a facelift, which they recorded on video and posted to YouTube. The idea was to show people how good they are at what they do.

    The video got some 300,000 hits, and tens of thousands of comments. The only problem was that the comments were almost unanimously negative, calling the video barbaric and disgusting and the very idea of facelifts “so 2004.”

  • Joe,

    Way to hit the nail on the head. I too have tapped into the Tao of Bonnie. Here are some of my thoughts on a post I wrote back in December:

    “I was reading a post this week from Rick Liebling over at EYECUBE.

    Rick made an interesting observations about how brands want to utilize social media with the following agenda:

    “Let’s get people talking about our brand”

    He pointed out the fact that little thought is given to the following issues:

    Who do we want talking?
    What do we want them saying?
    How do we keep the conversation going?
    Is our voice unique?
    How can we add value?

    Here is my take on how ‘marketing lagniappe’ addresses those issues:

    The best marketing is 1st person word of mouth, i.e. your customers
    Control the things you can control . . . how you treat your existing customers
    Deliver value with your product or service and exceed customer expectations
    Provide that ‘little signature something extra’ . . . a purple goldfish

    I’m not a big fan of Bonnie Raitt (in fact I generally loathe only two types of music . . . ‘country and western’). That said – – I think her song, “Let’s give them something to talk about” speaks volumes about Rick’s issues.

    Using a little artistic license (apologies Bonnie) on the song lyrics:

    Let’s give them something to talk about
    A little purple goldfish as they wonder out
    Let’s give them something to talk, blog, Facebook and tweet about . . .”

    (full post @


    .-= Stan Phelps´s last blog ..It’s All About the Details =-.

  • I agree, right on target there. One thing I’ve heard over and over, write about something very interesting, disturbing, or controversial. People love to talk about this stuff. I need to do this more often.

  • Content marketing is my favorite way to market. I also use social media to create a buzz.

    Keith Ellertson
    Content Marketing Monsters