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This took a little longer than I thought, but a Florida woman has filed a class action complaint in San Jose federal court alleging that Google Buzz shared personal data without consent.

The legal complaint accuses Google of breaking various electronic communications laws, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The plaintiff is seeking injunctions to prevent the company from taking similar actions in the future, and unspecified monetary relief.

Eva Hibnick and her legal team–who we won’t name, because clearly they agreed to help her for the glory of suing Google–wants to enjoin the 31.2 million U.S. Gmail users that were duped into revealing their most personal contacts.

Like all lawsuits that involve Google, don’t hold your breath. This thing is likely to be a long, protracted mess, with many appeals and objections. If nothing else, this should add to all the reasons why Google should set its arrogance aside and not assume it knows what’s best for its users.

I suspect, we’ll never see such a clumsy product launch from Google, ever again.

  • I don’t get it. Google Buzz was not forced on her, she had to click that big a$% button to join in.
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    • jan

      i dunno about that, but i didnt get any button or message bout that buzz thing, i just saw it already on my gmail.

    • Ozki

      Buzz was “forced” on me. I logged into my Gmail account, clicked on the “i’ll handle Buzz later” option, went to my in box, and I still had Buzz on my left column.

      I had to go my settings button to opt out of Buzz. This is backwards. I should not have to opt OUT of having my personal information sent all over the internet.

      I value my privacy; that is why I have a Gmail account separate from my other professional and personal accounts — at least for a few more days.

      BTW — If I were the CEO of Google, I would fire my entire legal department. They are guilty of criminal stupidity.

  • ” Google should set its arrogance aside and not assume it knows what’s best for its users.”

    .-= Richard V. Burckhardt´s last blog ..108 Quick SEO Tips Even Mom Would Love =-.

  • I agree with Richard, google should put their pride in their pockets and listen to people. Google totally sucked @ Buzz.

  • Dean

    Sure, Google f’d up on this one….but I still FREAKING hate class action lawsuits. Opportunistic, money grubbing thieves who will take 90% of the eventual out of court settlement. The actual victims will probably get a coupon for 20% of their next purchase at the Google store.

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