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For all of you complaining about the way Google Buzz invaded your privacy, the search engine has a perfectly simply explanation for you:

It didn’t really care!

OK, so Google hasn’t actually come out and made that statement, but it doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines:

The BBC understands that Buzz was only tested internally and bypassed more extensive trials with external testers – used for many other Google services…Many of the firm’s new services are tested by the so-called Google Trusted Tester program…Buzz was not tested by this program.

So basically, Google decided not to conduct its normal rigorous internal testing AND didn’t place Buzz in Google Labs–like it does with just about every other experimental new product. That leaves us to reason that either Google didn’t care, didn’t think, or got greedy.

Which ever option you pick, it hardly paints a pretty picture, does it?

Now, Google is faced with massive clean-up operation–practically changing Buzz every day–and by many accounts, has lost some of the respect of its users.

To its credit, Google is now working "extremely hard" to fix the mess it created:

[Google] has now set up a "war room" at Google HQ to bring together engineers and product managers to make decisions about what changes need to be made to Buzz.

"If it becomes clear that people don’t think we’ve done enough, we’ll make more changes," said Mr Jackson.

 He acknowledged that many of the networks "tens of millions" of users were "rightfully upset" and that the firm was "very, very sorry".

"We know we need to improve things."

Before you comment, Yes I know that I am looking at this through my own biased filter–that’s what we do here–but you tell me? How in the world did Google make the decision to launch such an experimental product, in an area that it has had little home-grown success, without testing it for months?

What is Google scared of, that it needed to rush Buzz to market? Facebook? Twitter? Or progress passing it by?

  • Andy – I think they definitely fear being late to the party. Couple that with the likelihood that their arrogance from so many successes was present for the decision, you then get the “We can’t really screw this up, we’re Google” thinking thus leading to the rush to market.

    If that was part of this process, I would say they need to step back and do a stop, look and listen. That sound they hear may be the impending train wreck that all corporate behemoths have at some point in time.
    .-= Frank Reed´s last blog ..Social Media Requires A Learner’s Mind =-.

  • Kind of surprising wasn’t it. Especially after the amount of time products like Gmail and voice have spent or are spending as beta products. Kind of reminds me of how Microsoft released Windows in the past.

    Get it out and fix it later.
    .-= Kyle C.´s last blog ..Bank Accounts Aren’t Just About Great Rates =-.

  • Why was gmail buzz not released on a invitation mode first and then to the public this would have solved all the problems

  • My guess is/was that Google is anticipating an announcement from Facebook or Twitter. My (again) guess is Facebook going more Geo though a buy, not a build. That’s just my guess though.
    .-= Scott McAndrew´s last blog ..Are these social AdWords ads? =-.

  • I don’t think you could be more right Andy. It appears to me that Google smells something in the wind and as almost every other company that has rushed to market with a “duct-taped” together solution that was intended to penetrate a market – they failed – I don’t care how big their war room is.

    I know I am not a super user – but in its current state Buzz thoroughly annoys and frustrates me. I officially decided this morning that I am going to let it percolate some more on its own before I try to engage it anymore.
    .-= Tom Dwyer´s last blog ..Would You Get Same Response As Kevin Smith Did? =-.

    • Yeah, fortunately for me, I’m a Google Apps user and so don’t have Buzz to worry about! 🙂

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  • I’d like to think I’m pretty up to date on what’s happening on-line, but this seamed to come out of nowhere, right in my inbox, sharing me with 70 people or so. A bit excessive, if nothing else. Also, the inability to really opt-out was a HUGE problem in my opinion. A bit more testing would have gone a long way.
    .-= Norcross´s last blog ..Get Snarky =-.

  • Yeah, what a mess, eh? I assume they were just desperate to get something in play and a few too many corners were cut and issues weren’t given enough thought.

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