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Not since chocolate and peanut butter have two things ever meant to go together as much as these two stories.

First, we have researchers in China opining that they can’t conduct their research without Google:

Research without Google would be like life without electricity,” says Xiong Zhenqin, an ecologist at Nanjing Agricultural University in Jiangsu province.

In fact a study reveals…

More than 80% use the search engine to find academic papers; close to 60% use it to get information about scientific discoveries or other scientists’ research programmes; and one-third use it to find science-policy and funding news…84% of the scientists who responded to Nature’s survey say that losing Google would “somewhat or significantly” hamper their research

Maybe these scientists shouldn’t teach their students how to hack into US networks then, should they? 😉

OK, story number two ties into this magically.

Google finally won approval…to be an electric utility…With their new approval to be a utility, Google could be a smart grid / smart charge service provider.

If I had a late night news show on the Comedy Channel, I’d so enjoy discussing the epic timing of these two stories! 🙂