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It looks like more people want to join the anti-Google chorus because it is the cool thing to do. Of course, if you want to be unique you can’t just use regular old curse words because Steve Jobs took that one. Rupert Murdoch doesn’t really call Google names but he does think that their business is taking advantage of his hard work. So what to do?

Enter Mark Cuban and if history is any indicator he’s good for a quote or two right? Well as MediaPost reports he didn’t disappoint at a new York OnMedia event.

Outspoken billionaire cum provocateur Mark Cuban charged Google and other content aggregators Tuesday of being freeloaders — or worse. “The word that comes to mind is vampires,” he said. “When you think about vampires, they just suck on your blood.”

Cuban, who some might call a futurist and heads HDNet, said aggregators are effectively making money off others’ expensive news-gathering.

He urged newspapers and others to block Google News from linking to their sites. “Show some balls,” he said.

So how do you really feel, Mr. Cuban? Bashing Google is a favorite pastime of many business people these days so maybe he couldn’t resist. It’s hard to tell if Google is really evil or if others are fed up or just jealous. Either way it makes for interesting reading when the news is slow. Of course, not everyone thinks that Google has them over a barrel.

After Cuban delivered a keynote address Tuesday, he sat on a panel along with Huffington Post Chief Revenue Officer Greg Coleman, who said his company will be the anti-Murdoch. It has no intention to do anything but remain a fully ad-supported operation. “One hundred percent advertising,” Coleman said.

Coleman said the company is not daunted by a free-content world, and has “a huge wonderful business with Google right now.” Huffington Post has some cost advantages in a lean staff and no legacy distribution expenses.

Since this whole conversation has been going on long enough maybe Mr. Cuban’s call for publishers to “show some balls”, while not exactly common business terminology, is on point. If paywalls and Google blocking are the wave of the future maybe it’s just time to give it a shot and see if the idea has legs.

Have you had enough of this already?

  • Ok, this really makes no sense at all. If Google is not giving a huge asset in return, it really begs a few major questions as follows:

    – Who else is going to provide you with all of the information you are spoiled with in todays world?
    – What would your business outlook be without Google?
    – If not Google, who?

    It seems to me that the people complaining are the ones who generally do not offer what is interesting and what people want. Otherwise, why are they pouting about it? If they were riding the top of every search and stacking on another billion here and there, they would keep their mouths shut and keep it a big secret.

    Google et Al. are simply the resources to bring us the information we all seek. they are providing what we want and often need. It is cynical and small-minded to blame anybody for the benefits they receive in exchange for the benefits they offer. Google offers a lot … and thus, receives a lot.

    I bear my arteries with glee.

    The same goes for Microsoft. So many people complain about Microsoft, but can you imagine if your bank went back to counting your money with a pen and paper, or if you went to buy that pink widget you were looking so hard to find on ebay by flipping through every catalog you could get your hands on?

    Really, when does bitching about progress that we all enjoy and desire make sense? I’ll tell you when … it is when you embrace a lifestyle along the lines of the caveman.

    BTW: Sorry caveman! I don’t mean to drag you through the mud again.
    .-= Mark Aaron Murnahan´s last blog ..Everybody Hates Spam … But What If? =-.

  • From the mouth of Newscorp, it would sound like just another old media company wanting to keep things the way they were, with custom contracts between each content producer and search companies on the lines of Lexis, which people would pay through the nose for, and still not be able get what they were looking for even with meticulously crafted queries.

    But from Mark Cuban? What’s his real game?

    Anyway, here’s rooting for an open Internet.
    .-= Digitivity @ The Digital Life & Tools Blog´s last blog ..After the iPad: the Google Tablet? =-.

  • I don’t believe that google is evil.. I love them and they keep coming up with great ideas. I give mad props to them for their hard work and love their labs tools and everything they keep doing.

    I do think sometimes they do their own thing, take their time, and don’t explain things very well, but they are entitled to do what they think is necessary to protect themselves as well.

    Good post, Frank!
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Katney’s Kaboodle: In My World Today it’s Groundhog Day =-.

  • I think that it is yet another attack on Google by a disgruntled aspiring internet entrepreneur, who wasted money on keywords, not scientifically researched. Any keywords you use should first be searched in SEARCH BASED KEYWORD TOOL, then processed through your Google Alerts feed in the format of key questions, via comprehensive or blog search. You should be replying to these questions, (based on key phrases) with your “answers” . As you interact with other bloggers and forum members, don’t be afraid to skip over the things you know nothing about. If you’ve been at it this long and you nothing about it, it’s probably not worth bothering with. Trust your own knowledge and find the conversations where you can make a valuable contribution. Leave your name, email and web address. People will visit your page and sign up to your auto responder. Can’t be any simpler. Most of us are not ready for adwords.
    .-= Paul Germana´s last blog ..My Knols =-.

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  • Umm, I have a question, it’s not about this post, but by any chance do you know why ad blocker doesn’t block the ads in your sidebar? Like the talking one is even more annoying. I hate advertisements. lol
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