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Computer security experts and the National Security Agency have been hard at work, trying to figure out where in China recent attacks on Google originated.

It turns out that Google did not suffer at the hands of the Chinese government, but, wait for it, school kids.

Tracing the attacks further back, to an elite Chinese university and a vocational school, is a breakthrough in a difficult task. Evidence acquired by a United States military contractor that faced the same attacks as Google has even led investigators to suspect a link to a specific computer science class, taught by a Ukrainian professor at the vocational school.

Did you get that? A computer science class is responsible for attacking one of the most sophisticated technology companies in the world. School kids!

But, to be fair, these aren’t just any old school kids. No! These are bored school kids…

…done by one or two geek students in the school who are just keen on experimenting with their hacking skills learned from the school, since the sources in the school and network are so limited.

Seriously? When I was in a computer science class, I was taught how to get my computer to ask me if I was having a good day or not! These guys are hacking into Google for yucks!

Of course, this could all be just a decoy. The hackers may have hijacked the schools’ IP addresses to throw the NSA off the scent. A Mr. Shao, former dean at one of the schools, insists “it’s impossible for our students to hack Google or other U.S. companies because they are just high school graduates and not at an advanced level.”

So there you have it. Young kids just don’t have the skills for this sophisticated level of hacking. Which leads me to my final question:

Would you like to play a game? 😉

  • Tom Royce

    Let’s play Global Thermonuclear War.
    .-= Tom Royce´s last blog ..Federal Reserve Sets Goal To Get Out Of Mortgage Financing =-.

    • Andy Beal

      I was thinking Tic Tac Toe, but that works too! 😉

    • Steven

      I myself prefer chess…

  • Luci

    Lol.. oh that’s surely tempting fate? They’ve seen ‘Hackers’ right?
    Still, a school that teaches that kind of thing anyway is already way beyond anything I was taught at school in relation to computers. I was told to make a website it Frontpage once.. I refused.

    I think an IP hack could be just as likely as the school kids doing it – will we ever find out the outcome of that? I’d be interested to know!
    .-= Luci´s last blog ..SEO – Video Blog – Geotargeting #39 =-.

  • Ralph Leon

    If I were Google I would hope it wasn’t a bunch of school kids that hacked in. Most likely though it was someone just using the school’s ip address. So many schools have wireless now it wouldn’t be very hard to get that kind of information if you were a hacker.

    As far as games go… how about some Texas Hold ’em?

  • Joe Hall

    Has anyone considered that maybe to stabilize relations with China the US government made this school kids story up in an attempt to shield the Chinese government from bad business relations? I mean on one side you have Google with deep pockets and the other you have the Chinese government who owns half the US gov debt…..seems to me it would be way to easy to blame it on teenagers!

    • Lowell Christensen

      How do we know the Chinese Government didn’t put the kids up to it? I doubt the students are in trouble.

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  • memoir

    I’d be wondering about the background of the Ukrainian professor and not the school kids…

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