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<Somewhere in Twitter HQ>

“So, Ev, if I understand you correctly, there isn’t actually any revenue to count at the moment?”

“No, Ali, we hired you because we were hoping you’d bring your collection of Pixar dvds in for us to watch when the Fail Whale appears.”

If it’s not Ali Rowghani’s movie collection that Twitter wanted, it must be that the microblogging service has hired the Pixar executive because–gasp–Twitter’s primed to make some actual profits!

“Ali will be an important member of a growing team focused on creating value for our users and capturing the financial opportunities that result from it,” Twitter CEO Evan Williams said in a release. Rowghani had been at Pixar for nearly a decade. “His thoughtfulness on retaining a great culture to work and staying consistent with our principles will also be a significant contribution.”

To infinity and beyond! 😉

  • First, Eric Schmidt’s head on Batman, now Mr. Rowghani as Buzz Twityear. What’s next?
    .-= Frank Reed´s last blog ..Google’s Super Bowl Ad Not the End of Civilization =-.

  • Good news info, but that Site Pal talking ad is not very office-friendly. It automatically makes noise and didn’t have a readily noticeable silence button.

    • Sorry it startled you. It only talks if you place your mouse over it and it has an audio off button in the center of it. 😉

  • The CFO of Pixar could go be the CFO of a variety of companies in a variety of industries because he has to understand money. It’s like a sales guy, they can go industry to industry no problem. I would love to see Twitter start making money, but I’m not sure that a new CFO is going to be the magic they need. The billion dollar question is not if he knows how to count money, but if he knows how to start bringing it in, and in most business models, that is not the CFO’s core responsibility. Although, I just had a thought, a lot of CFO’s do look at acquiring other businesses that can make them profitable. My apologies for thinking out loud, your thoughts?
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