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Cup of Joe: 9 Steps To Go From Newbie To Guru

So you want to be a famous SEO?

You want to be a Social Media guru?

Want to rock the socks off of affiliate marketers?

Awesome! Want a little tip on how to start?? Don’t start blogging! So you might be thinking What? Don’t blog? Are you crazy? (I am not sure) But, here’s the truth. Almost every “famous” or well respected person in their industry got to where they are by doing good work, not talking about it.

Nathan Hangen tells us that all you have to do is squelch your fear and step into your role. Sorry, Nathan but honestly there are a lot confident people that give bad information and lack real substance. As a result their confident facade looks fake and untrustworthy. You have to produce a good product and be confident in its delivery.

Blogging is good for many reasons. It can help build your personal brand. It can facilitate communication with your community. It can help you develop your ideas and become more well rounded. It can build relationships and partnerships that can have lasting impact.

But none of the above will happen if you don’t know what you are talking about. If you start blogging today about SEO and you have never ranked a web site in search engines, then the industry elite will be able to tell by reading your blog. If you start blogging today about affiliate marketing and you have never made a dime, skilled affiliate marketers will read that in your words and not give you a second thought. You can’t get recognition from inexperience.

Inexperience stands out like a sore thumb. Inexperienced bloggers are unoriginal. They oftentimes spread inaccurate information. Their writing doesn’t fill a void in their niche. It becomes obvious that they are just talking for the sake of talking.

Experienced people write original content based on what they have done. Experienced people have developed intuition from having a firm grasp on a subject. Such intuition can help them predict trends and see the “big picture.” Experienced people are the ones that other industry gurus recommend (and link to).

Joe’s Power Plan For Becoming A Guru

  1. Setup a blog and leave it blank.
  2. Read blogs from industry gurus.
  3. Get out in the field and start applying what you have learned.
  4. Keep moving forward.
  5. Keep an offline journal and jot down everything that you are learning while in the field. Make notes of what works and what doesn’t.
  6. Research the ideas in your notes to see if others are experiencing the same thing.
  7. Compare other’s experiences with your own.
  8. Write your first post about your experiences. In the post compare other peoples experiences and highlight whats different about yours.
  9. Repeat steps 2 through 8 for your next post.

OK, so I know that there are a lot of steps above and all you want to do is get yourself out there and make a name for yourself. However, it’s a lot easier to make a name for yourself when you are providing top quality content and steps above will insure you do that. Bonus tip: Don’t rush into all of this. The longer you take to work in the field, gain experience, and develop an understanding of your subject, the better your content and exposure will be when you finally begin to blog!

Until next time, get to work and start becoming a guru today!


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