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A search engine walks into a bar, and the bartender says…

“Why the long face?”

Not laughing? Neither is Google after being fined by a Brazilian court for not blocking pages of dirty jokes from its Orkut social network:

The court in the northern state of Rondonia ordered Google to pay $US2700 for each day that the pages remained up, and told it to stop similar material being posted.

Google tried to argue that it didn’t have the means to censor Orkut, but the judge suggested otherwise:

The court noted that Google already implemented such curbs on its pages in China…

Clearly this judge has not been reading the news!

Poor Google, it can win for losing! Brazil was about the only country that Orkut had gained any kind of popularity and now even they are turning their backs on it!


  • I think it’s ironic (and Google probably does too) that they are sensored in China and then later Google is fined for not sensoring some other site out there. Freedom of speech is just another example of “no good deed goes unpunished.” Keep the faith Google!
    .-= Jlarranaga´s last blog ..Facebook is Supposed to be Funbook =-.

  • That’s ridiculous. People aren’t going to find these things unless they are actively looking for them, and I’m sure there is far worse things that Google searches can return?

  • Google walks in to a Orkut social network. the social network says shame on you.