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Well, if the shoe isn’t on the other foot. Once upon a time, Microsoft seemed to be the biggest threat to free trade in the computer world, facing suits across the world. And now it’s Google’s turn—and coincidentally, Microsoft certainly looks like the man behind the curtain. In fact, two thirds of voters at the Wall Street Journal think it’s Microsoft’s machinations throwing the gauntlet down at Google:

How is Microsoft doing this? Certainly not directly (pot, kettle). No—it would have to be through backroom puppetry, which Microsoft of course denies. The evidence does appear highly coincidental. The WSJ outlines one instance where Google filed a two-sentence suit against a small site owing them $335,000 for AdSense—and got a 24-page antitrust countersuit, with Microsoft’s chief outside antitrust council listed as one of the litigants.

Note, though, that this is Microsoft’s outside council: he doesn’t work for Microsoft and Microsoft alone. It’s entirely possible that the small website searched out someone who was familiar with antitrust law and actions against Google.

Meanwhile, Google is facing scrutiny in Europe, including an antitrust suit from a Microsoft subsidiary which has prompted a European Commission investigation.

Naturally, many companies and individuals are concerned about Google’s dominance. Accusations and suits seem to be coming from all quarters, including the US government. Microsoft has used a few more open tactics to wage an antitrust war. These latest volleys might not be orchestrated by Microsoft—or are they? What do you think?

  • While I think it may be a reach I would not be surprised in the least if Microsoft wasn’t doing something to goose these proceedings along. They know how disruptive this kind of thinking can be and whatever they can do to slow down Google they might try it. In this day and age NOTHING would surprise me.
    .-= Frank Reed´s last blog ..SMB Social Media Adoption Rate Doubles =-.

  • Google are the obvius target for a company like Microsoft as they own a massive market they would like a slice of. Unfortunately they haven’t caught up with Google’s engineering yet either. I guess until then they can do other things to try and get the better, like what you describe. Maybe it’s true too and Iif it is it’s classic warfare at its best but all the same they shuld wait until they have a better search engine then try taking G down – which is impossible 😉

  • These corporate giants are all crazy. I think it is funny how they duke out the headlines almost every single day.
    .-= Maciej (ma-chi)´s last blog ..Social Media and SEO Are Closer Than You Think =-.