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comScore released a new study today examining the effects of display advertising in the European market—and it’s pretty dang impressive. The study (well, actually, report based on more than 20 studies) indicates that, despite minimal clicks on the ads themselves, “those exposed to online ad campaigns in Europe were 72 percent more likely to visit the advertiser’s website and 94 percent more likely to conduct a trademark search query on the advertiser’s brand, compared to a control group of similar Internet users who were not exposed to the campaigns.”

These figures are pretty staggering—especially when compared to US figures, which comScore reports as “an average lift of 49 percent in site visitation and 40 percent in trademark search queries across hundreds of ad effectiveness studies.” The European lift effects were most significant during the first week after exposure, but didn’t drop off dramatically.

comScore Director of Marketing Solutions Mike Shaw said in the press release,

These results help illustrate how online advertising works. Despite the long-held obsession with using clicks to measure campaign performance – which reflect only the immediate impact of an ad — the comScore studies demonstrate that the Internet is clearly effective as a latent brand-building medium. Europeans appear to be particularly receptive to online advertising, and whether it’s due to better creative, less ad clutter, or greater receptivity to online ads, the implication for brand advertisers is clear: ignore online as a brand-building channel at your own peril.

And I guess it also shows that it pays to know before you go . . . ad shopping.

What do you think? Why might Europeans be so influenced by display ads?

  • I bet it is something to do with the quality of the ads, as a UK user who travels I can say that when I log on in the US I am bombarded with poor and noisy advertisements online. Back in Europe it’s a different story, well-crafted and interesting ads that you actually want to click on and learn more.
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    • Too funny. I bet it’s because advertisers are mostly focussed on the american market. and who can blame them? there is still boat-loads of money to be made there…. which also explains the banner blindness there too because of a certain level of saturation. I bet that in the next 5 years or so the numbers will even out as marketers figure out that Europe can be just as lucrative a place to advertise with display banners.

      The commercial intent or intent to take action is probably closely tied with these reasons too. Interesting find, and thanks for posting. I am going to post this on my blog too and link back to you… display advertising in europe.
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