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It’s getting closer to the moment of truth for me and this kind of “news” gets me a little closer to making the move on going with an Android device. I know the days are numbered for my BlackBerry. That’s a foregone conclusion. I guess I am the customer that is being most fought over between Apple and any Android device (hence Google for all intents and purposes). I want out of my Blackberry Storm sooner than later but I am still debating whether to wait out the contract to go with an iPhone (it’s a year away) or commit to an Android device ….. now.

Google today introduced the ability to search on an Android device using 2.0 or higher using written gestures. Pretty slick. The Google Mobile Blog tells some more.

As mobile phones become increasingly powerful and can store more data, we’ve introduced new methods of search to get you to your content faster, such as search suggestions or search by voice. But sometimes, typing to get to the right search suggestion takes too long, and you may be in a quiet environment where speaking a query is inappropriate. Today we’re pleased to announce Gesture Search, a new Google Labs application for Android-powered devices running Android 2.0 or above in the US. Gesture Search lets you quickly find a contact, an installed application, a bookmark or a music track from hundreds or thousands of items, by simply drawing alphabet gestures on the touch screen.

This ability alone is not enough to make me switch but the speed with which Google is progressing with functionality and specific Google centric changes is making many pay close attention. Add to that the Apple v. HTC (indirectly Google) alleged patent infringement case and it look like the Android is going to be a real competitor and Apple knows it.

I am not taking sides in the Apple v Google war because I use both of them to do much of my work. I am, however, trying to figure out how I can get the most out of each because there are benefits to both. Right now, though, I need Google more than I need Apple so maybe this isn’t such a tough decision after all.

While I am at a crossroads of sorts as a mobile user where are you with regard to marketing in this space? Do marketers need to take sides or do they truly need to ride the fence and look to appease both groups? Or am I completely wrong in assuming that the Android market will ever challenge the iPhone dominance?

How do you see this?

  • Usability’functionality is king. Google will win the war at this rate. If I can tie all the great Google apps into one mobile platform, I’ll buy it. Apple is just a hardware maker. What’s more important to you, the brand of your computer or the programs your computer runs?

  • PhatWare’s WritePad (currently on iPhone) will be soon available for Android platform allowing users to utilize natural handwriting recognition (for Cursive, Print, and Mixed styles) for text entry. Check out the screenshot of the prototype application (not actual UI) on Android:

  • YES, Google will win the war at this rate