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Take Heart! Google’s Own SEO Efforts Suck Just As Badly As Yours!

You’d think that with all the SEO conferences Google sponsors and speaks at, it would have at least some grasp of basic search engine optimization techniques, right?


According to a self-examination, Google is about as bad at SEO as any multi-billion company. In fact, you might argue that Google’s SEO efforts are worse than most. After all, pretty much everyone knows that a well structured Title tag format is key to good rankings, right?

Well, apparently not all of us:

OK, let’s stop it right here. I grew up in England, so maybe things are different in the US, but 10/100 only merits a “Needs Improvement”?? If I achieved a 10% on anything in school, it would warrant a smacked bottom and no dessert! Needs Improvement is a little understated, don’t you think?

OK, back to the report. It’s worth taking a look, not just because its fun to snicker at where Google failed, but it includes a lot of practical SEO advice.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this opened can of worms. If Google’s SEO is so bad, how are any of its 100 products able to rank in its own index, without a little manual intervention? :-P