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“Andy, when are you going to add Google Buzz monitoring to Trackur?”

I think Google Buzz was barely a couple of days old, when I was first asked that question.

My response?

I wanted to wait and see how (if) people used Google Buzz, before deciding to jump on the bandwagon that other tools were so quickly willing to hitch a ride on.

Now–I’m trying to not look so smug–it appears that decision was a fortuitous one. PostRank is reporting that 89% of all content on Google Buzz is simply the duplication of stuff that can be found in Twitter or via blog feeds:

In other words, just 10% of the content posted to Google Buzz has the potential to be unique. Adding Google Buzz to Trackur would result in more noise and less signal. Add to that the fact that Google Buzz’s buzz has pretty much fizzled and it’s hard to see where the value is in the service–as a user or as a monitoring firm.

How are you using Google Buzz? Are you syndicating your other content or are you using it to create new stuff?

  • Ouch,

    That is a pretty bad ratio for a social network. One day Google will get it right. (Or buy someone that already has)

    Maybe they will launch Wave 2.0 soon and it will work? =)
    .-= David Wells´s last blog ..14 Amazing Photography Sites to Source Powerful Images =-.

    • LOL! Yeah, it will simply build off the success of Google Wave 1.0. 😛

  • Those numbers are crazy? I knew there was lots of duplications but 89% is really really high. I wonder how much duplication is between Facebook and Twitter as well? Great post and info!

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  • I personally think fizzled is a ‘touch’ harsh, because people are actually using it – well some are, not sure who exactly, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I think the issue here is will that figure grow or stagnate?

    I’m expecting it to grow for one good reason – there are lots of spammers out there looking for any chance to generate backlinks.
    .-= Wynne´s last blog ..Are You Using Effective Call to Actions On Your Website? =-.

  • Syndication for me mostly, but that does give it value.

    However, I would call Buzz a more personal Twitter, I think it’s easier to engage in more in-depth and interesting conversation as apposed to one-off Tweets.

    Thanks, Bryan
    .-= Bryan Hadaway´s last blog ..Simple and Effective .htaccess File =-.