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As heavily rumored, Apple’s Steve Jobs just announced an advertising platform for iPhone applications.

Dubbed “iAd” the new ads are designed to integrate with iPhone/iPad apps, meaning the user is exposed to the ads within the app–they’re not taken to some web page to view the content.

Apple plans to host and sell the ads, and will give the developer 60% of the collected revenues.

The ads will be interactive, take advantage of video, and allow developers to create free apps and monetize them with the ads.

iAds are not live yet, but Jobs showed-off one they created as a demo for Disney’s Toy Story:

No news yet on who creates the ads or how they are purchased. We’ll update as we learn more.

  • Seriously a little greedy apple? I mean we’re already paying 300-500$ for an iphone and then 1-10$ for an app and now we have to put up with ads. I doubt they needed the advertising money. Its just annoying.

    • I think the purpose is to help more developers offer free apps.

  • Nice to know about Apple’s iAds. I use App submission websites to market iPhone Applications.

  • Hopefully this will encourage higher quality free app’s, although I hope the ad’s aren’t too annoying/intrusive otherwise there could be a big shift away from free apps. Great news for app developers though!

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  • Will developers have to pay any fees to join the ad network?

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