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It looks like the flow of Internet marketing news is shifting towards Facebook. It is, of course, the eve of the f8 conference in San Francisco where developers and other folks gather to discuss Facebook and the future of the social media world.

So what would a gathering be without a little data (with pictures!) to make you either say “Sure, I can see that”, or “You’re kidding, right?”. So how do you feel about the numbers from comScore that shows Facebook’s growing dominance in social media traffic. Mashable shared this info

The chart, according to comScore shows that 41% of social media traffic is going to Facebook. That’s a lot of folks. What many are interested in is the growth year over year especially since Facebook has been riding a pretty steady wave of growth over the past year. Here’s a look at how social media sites have either grown, or as in the case of MySpace, stopped dead in their tracks.

Neither of these charts recognize YouTube’s overall traffic dominance but as a social media tool YouTube is hard to classify since it is a video delivery system rather than a place to interact with people (unless of course you think the days of obscene and idiotic comment wars were productive). Video is certainly an important social media element but is YouTube a true social media destination? I’m sure there would be serious debate around that (feel free to do so in the comments here at MP if you feel led).

So what might this chart look like next year? Dare to make any predictions? Will there be any new names to consider? Will the geolocation craze take hold enough to register with the big boys?

  • Frank,
    This is an interesting shift in the data. I just have one objection. I’m not really sure how Gmail counts as Social Media Traffic. Isn’t it just plain old Web 1.0 stuff? A goofy logo and a Beta badge don’t make it Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.

    If you knock Gmail out of this equation, Facebook really has a crazy share of Social Media interaction. (For better or worse.)

  • How in the world does Gmail qualify as a Social Media site? Are we counting Buzz? If so, then 2009 usage shouldn’t be on the chart. Does this count Wave, which never made it out of the gate?

    Sorry, I’m just incredulous at this. If we are going to do count Gmail, then we need to count Yahoo (they own Flickr and MyBlogLog at least), along with throwing in Live Mail.

    Somebody enlighten me if I am off-base here.

  • @OTR @Christopher – Good point on the gmail inclusion. I had the same thought and I am very disappointed that I didn’t make a big deal out of it. Gmail does look the “one that doesn’t belong” in this one for sure.
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  • I have to say I’m a bit surprised at the year over year growth numbers. Given the amount of press it’s been given I would have thought Twitter’s growth would have been much higher. Also I’m going to join the bandwagon of the other commenters and ask, Why is Gmail on there?
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  • I’ll join the gmail objection. I’m also surprised at Twitters stats – although in comparison there is a substantial growth, I’m surprised that their actual share isn’t bigger. I think Myspace will be far lower again next year too.
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  • Courtney

    We all agree that the addition of Gmail is a little odd. I am not surprised that MySpace has stopped dead. I don’t know that its growth will go down but I believe that people will just forget they have MySpace instead of deleting the profile all together.
    However, this proves that agencies need to be practicing their social media ideas on themselves. If agencies were on social media sites like Facebook wouldn’t prove that by practicing what we preach we actually know what we are talking about?
    My company, White Horse recently started working on this idea and the Eric Anderson the VP of Emerging Media wrote an article in iMediaConnection on the idea of using social media as a new form of Agency Outreach. Feel free to read his article here:

  • I think Comscore should have switched Gmail with Youtube. I think should be considered a social media platform, it’s already being used for debates and other topics of interest. As far as Facebook goes I am not surprised they are dominating. People in this generation seem to be hit with unusual amounts and boredom that Facebook seems to satisfy. I think Facebook will continue to dominate through out the year.

  • its will falling down in next 5 year.
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  • Guess you can count Ning out of the picture – they want everyone to pay for their services and are eliminating the free communities.

    Their loss… How much does Facebook Cost?

    Jay NaPier
    Numis Network