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Today’s post title is going to be a joint effort.

I need your help to fill in the blank, because, quite frankly, no one appears to know what it was Agnilux did, before it was snapped up by Google.

The best we can tell is that it was started by former Apple and Cisco employees, it might have had something to do with servers, and that they were keeping tight lipped until they were ready to “make a splash.”

Well, they’ll never get their chance, because they’ve apparently decided to sell to Google for an undisclosed sum. Maybe Google will reveal what it was that interested them about Agnilux or maybe they’ll lock its founders in a room in the Googleplex and have them conduct dark (fiber?) experiments.

Anyway, if anyone has any further details, drop me a comment. Thanks!

  • I have noticed that BIG G has been acquiring almost few companies per month and hiring is back on as well. There has been talk that they are doing serious push for video monetization. When I was your title I was sure it would be video/image company but once you said it was a server company that left me confused :).

  • Hermes

    The name Agnilux is derived from agni – Sanskrit for fire and lux – Latin for light.
    and the logo is clearly a reference to the illuminati

    It’s 100% clear now, they are working on tracking devices for human micro chips, this way Google will know where we are and what we are thinking about.

  • M. Scott

    Based on the word origin of the name, fire + light, I’d surmise this company has something to do with optical switching.

  • Google will buy anything as long as that ‘thing’ helps to poke MSN or Apple in the eye.
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