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While you were either a) drooling over your new iPad, or b) wishing those that had a new iPad would shut-up already, Google went out and bought a company you’ve never heard of.

What’s pretty cool about Episodic’s announcement of their acquisition is that they admit you’ve probably never heard of them. I’ve seen many acquisition announcements that had me scratching my head and saying out loud, “who are these guys?” Episodic answers that exact question for us:

What is Episodic?
Episodic is a comprehensive platform for broadcasting live and on-demand video to the web or any web-enabled device. The platform lets publishers and marketers host, stream, measure and monetize video content. Content creators, marketers and enterprise customers use Episodic to deliver video to the Web and mobile devices.

Oh, I see. Of course, I can distill that entire answer down to just two words. See if you notice the difference:

…monetize video…

Subtle huh?

But, that’s exactly the reason that Episodic was so attractive to Google. Sure, the live, on-demand, web-enabled, video streaming is nice, but I suspect it was the fact that advertising was baked into the service that attracted Google.

I’d embed one of Episodic’s cool videos and show you how their monetization platform works, but sadly, embedding is apparently something Episodic is not good at. 😛

  • This is the next logical step for Google. Everyone is going video. Google wants to be sure that they can drive the same value in the video marketing market as they did in the display advertising market. I can’t wait to see the video advertising tools, let alone the video advertising ANALYTICS tools. That’ll be very cool.
    .-= Josh Braaten´s last blog ..The Best Way to Block/Ignore Your Own Google Analytics Traffic =-.

  • Thanks Andy…

    This is bigger than it might appear. Look out YouTube. I believe Google has obviously seen all the “Business Video Marketing” being initiated on YouTube and is “Really” getting into the ballgame. We have had good success in marketing video optimization when it comes to Yahoo & YouTube and my experience tells me Google is looking to take Video Marketing to new levels.

    If they do it effectively…and keep it simple for small business owners…This “IS” big news. Thanks…

  • I’m wondering if we should start taking bets as to how long before Episodic becomes embedded into youtube, and the brand completely forgotten, not that it was ever even known – very well, until of course google bought them. I’d like to see an option for all content creators to get a share of the marketing, and have control over what ads are seen on their videos, kinda like an adsense for video model. The analytic and drag and drop tools seem pretty exciting.

    If I was a more avid video producer / editor, I’d definitely be trying the service out. Alas video is one of my weaknesses when it comes to content creation.
    .-= Patrick Curl – Facebook Marketer´s last blog ..Facebook Miracle: How to get a Kidney Donation in 20 Minutes Flat! =-.