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Google has announced its latest acquisition, an Israeli company that builds iGoogle and Android gadgets. The Israeli financial news site TheMarker speculates the deal’s value at $25M. While LabPixies does seem like a natural fit for Google, some speculate this is just the latest volley in the building Apple v. Google war.

Just last week, Google snapped up Agnilux, a startup founded by former Applers. While the LabPixies acquisition will help Google expand further across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the most direct threat to Apple is that LabPixies also designs widgets and apps for the iPhone. MediaPost reports:

Though a bit player, the fact that LabPixies develops personalized Web gadgets for the iPhone won’t be lost on some analysts who’ve speculated that Google buys companies just to annoy Apple.

Who, Google? No way. Google wouldn’t buy the most popular advertising platform on iPhone apps, or a company that doesn’t even seem to have a product or strategy just to bug Apple, right? I mean, they’d just bring out one of the first real challengers to the iPhone, right?

What do you think? Is this just another jab at Apple, or is Google more motivated by LabPixies’ actual offerings?

  • I find it hard to believe that Google would be spending millions to buy companies just to annoy Apple.
    .-= Adam Thompson´s last blog ..Are Google SERP Personalizations “relatively minor”? =-.

  • Really? You find that hard to believe. Apple keeps GrandCentral off of the app store, then licenses the Line2 app from Toktumi, which does the exact same thing?

    25 Mil is not a bad acquisition, and it wouldn’t be the worse decision Google has ever made. That’s chump change to annoy Steve Jobs. You don’t think Eric Schmidt is a bit of a Ballmer?

    There are no coincidences when it comes down to Apple v. Google any more.