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Google Buzz lived up to its name in its first week. After not fully testing the product, Google launched Buzz and forced all Gmail users into it without a way to opt out. Then we realized they were automatically sharing the list of people we chatted with and emailed most frequently. Finally, Google backed off many of these “features,” and made it possible to disable Buzz (and not just hide it). But there are still some privacy concerns, especially for people who joined Buzz before the privacy changes.

Mashable reports that Google will be issuing a “privacy reset” for Buzz tomorrow. The reset will automatically show all Buzz users the settings page the next time they click on the Buzz option in Gmail, to ensure they’ve set their privacy levels how they really want them:

This isn’t a giant step for mankind, but it is at least a step in the right direction for Google. The Buzz settings page was notoriously hard to find, and even active users may not be fully versed in the privacy options—or their own settings—found there.

Mashable says this effort may be enough to get Congress off Facebook Buzz’s back. Well, actually, Congress asked the FTC to look into Buzz, as have a bunch of others, and even the outgoing commissioner couldn’t help but slam Google—not to mention the troubles Buzz has faced abroad.

What do you think? Will this “privacy reset” change anything for Buzz users? Will it assuage federal concerns?

  • Sebastian

    “… Mashable says this effort may be enough to get Congress off *Facebook*’s back.”…

    Buzz, you must mean 🙂

    • LOL, obviously I’m just too used to talking about the FTC and *that* social media site.

  • Google almost has to make broader, more conscious choices to protect users’ security given their juggernaut status. I respect them for acknowledging this extra expectation/responsibility and working with it.
    .-= Josh Braaten´s last blog ..The Best Way to Block/Ignore Your Own Google Analytics Traffic =-.