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While Facebook is handing out stickers to the “Like” page businesses of the world, Google is continuing its move toward mobile integration of all things Google on the local level. The latest development is the introduction of optimized Place pages for the Android and iPhone/iPod Touch crowd.

As a result, I think the mobile experience of a Place Page trumps the desktop experience by a mile. One thing that I dislike about Google Place pages on a desktop or notebook is the amount of white space in the listing. You can never do enough to make a listing look like it has some depth. The presentation of the very same data on a small screen though, looks so much better and provides a much better user experience, in my opinion.

Check out the video that Google has so kindly put together for us non-Googlers found on the Google Mobile Blog.

There isn’t much else to say about the offering really. It’s just another instance of Google taking the mobile bull by the horns and making sure that all of the features that many people have some to depend on translate as well, if not better, when experienced on the go.

Your take?