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It looks like Google has been busy making changes to the products they are most known for as of late. This is a nice diversion from the other news they make by continuing their move to be all things to all people.

One area that Google should dominate by default is mobile search. Of course, if you sit back and rest on your laurels then you leave the door open for someone to walk through it. Then that automatic “lead dog” position is trouble. Google is not just sitting back in this important area. The latest update it is providing for mobile search is giving universal search result in the Google suggest lists. This will help mobile searchers find more information more quickly.

The Google Mobile blog tells us some more

Last December on the Official Google Blog, we announced how universal search features in Google Suggest could show useful information while the user is composing a query from the Google home page. Today, we are bringing this same functionality to mobile phones so that getting answers while on the go is even faster and easier. For example, let’s say you’re flying to London and want to know: Is my flight on time? Or what is the exchange rate of the pound? As you type the flight “Ba 284” or “Usd in pounds”, the answers are provided right below the search box, without having to wait for the results page.

Here’s an example

Now, this is interesting because if a person can get certain answers like a weather report without getting to the results page then advertising is not seen for that particular search. It’s not like Google to cut into their chances for revenue is it?

This feature is supported on Android devices, iPhones/iPods and WebOS devices. As is always good practice with these kinds of product announcements read the comment strings and see where the offering supposedly falls short. Windows Mobile folks aren’t too happy and someone was nice enough to point out the following.

This is similar to the functionality Android already has in its search bar widget – but this will allow Apple users to play catch-up – AGAIN 😉

Ah. Spring and competition are in the air.