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Decreased media usage during the recession, plus lower spending, put a hurting on advertising prices in 2009, according to the Yankee Group (via). Their study shows that Americans spent only 11:50 with media each day last year. Yeah, that’s 11 hours and 50 minutes—or nearly half the day and the majority of our waking hours. That’s down from over 14 hours in 2008.

Television and video were the hit hard, losing an hour a piece. The Internet lost only 40 minutes, and remained in the top slot. But mobile was the big mover here—the only category to show an increase over 2008, with a 12% increase and within mobile, “Internet use grew 36 percent, to 11 minutes a day, and texting grew 55 percent, to 27 minutes a day.” (Percentage-wise, reading actually suffered the biggest loss, 59%.)

Internet ad revenue actually increased in 2009, but only by $2B or 8% ($24B to $26B).

Meanwhile, another study shows that “connected” devices make up a significant proportion of mobile Internet usage. MediaPost reports on a study by Millennial Media that shows that these devices account for 21% of mobile ad impressions.

“Connected” devices include “the iPad, iPod touch, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.”

Millennial media also looked at the fastest-growing smartphone OS—Android, followed by RIM. But considering the iPhone still had 70% of mobile Internet impressions, they have a long way to go to catch up.

What do you think? Have you used less media? Are your mobile devices actually connected?