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If you’re one of the many people that hates, just hates, the phrase social media guru, I have good news for you.

They’re slowly being killed off by an elite group of ninjas!

According to LinkedIn, the use of the word “guru” in professional titles is on the decline.

However, in its place is a disturbing upward trend for the word “ninja.”

Really people? Ninjas? What’s next “superhero” or perhaps “rockstar?”

  • tomas

    sadly, the new trendy title is “social media ninja”

  • I like ‘social media curmudgeon.’
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Natty Gets a Tricycle =-.

    • LOL! That gets my vote!

    • apocalippz

      i’m just sticking with the tried and true new/social media DOUCHEBAG!!!!

  • Thank God this is on the decline. I prefer Social Media ExpertGuruVisionaryMasterDeity myself. Looks real cool on business cards.
    .-= Frank Reed´s last blog ..Hey Advertisers! I Can’t Find the Close Button Fast Enough! =-.

  • Bruce Teague

    I’m sad to say the only reason I probably read this article is because it had Ninja’s in the title… gets me every time.

  • Always loved Ninjas…. though I think for Social Media Samurai is probably a better term Gets some alliteration in there and allows people to think of a proud warrior.

    Not sure how the armor and sword will play on Facebook and twitter though.

    So to sum up – gurus are falling off the mountain, ninjas are sneaking up on them, evangalists keep on trucking and the rest of us sit and watch it happen…

    so stop waiting and get ou there and mix it up!!
    .-= Scott Lovingood´s last blog ..What you can learn from Wally in Dilbert =-.

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  • Social Media Ninja.. Can they do jiu jutsu or what?

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  • I do find it strange, but not all the gurus out there are idiots. There are some genuine entrepreneurs helping brands to improve their positioning using Social Media.

  • There is something about the 3 words “Social Media Guru” that just make you want to…well, I will refrain from putting anything here, but you can fill in the blank. Personally, I’m with Bruce…Ninjas are just tool cool to pass up. That’s why I clicked on the post. I guess it shows that the title is key!

    p.s. Anyone ever watch the YouTube video series…”Ask a Ninja”??

  • I always like the use of ninja in a title because it is not generally obvious to the person completely ironic. A real ninja actually would never announce themselves “Hey everybody I’m a ninja!” Seriously stealth is the essence of ninja-ness.

    BTW apparently ninja isn’t even the correct term, Shinobi is Though people using it shouldn’t change to “Social Media Shinobi” since the whole concept of what is thought of is somewhat made up anyway.

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