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One of the many nagging questions that many online marketers face is trying to show just how well search ads do as compared to social media ads. Well, beginning on April 12, Clickable is giving advertisers the ability to compare their search ads’ performance against that of ads on Facebook. If this works as advertised this could provide some valuable insight into just how well ads on social networks perform.

TechCrunch provides some more details

It will soon be possible to compare the performance of search and social ad campaigns side by side. Clickable, the ad management platform that lets search marketers measure and track the performance of their online marketing campaigns across different search engines and advertising networks, will be adding Facebook Ads as an option on April 12.

What that means is that an advertiser buying pay-per-click ads on Google can test the performance of those search ads against pay-per-click ads on Facebook targeted to particular social demographics.

Clickable customers will be able to create, upload and manage Facebook Ads through Clickable. Using the Facebook Ads API, Clickable has made it easier for advertisers to see not only how their search campaigns compare to each other but also how search does vs. at least one social media outlet.

This could be risky business for Facebook. Of course, it could turn out to be an incredible boost as well. What will determine that direction will be the numbers. How will Facebook ads fare against search ads?

People come to a search engine for information first and anything else that happens along the social side of life is a bonus. People, however, are going to Facebook to be social for the most part. As a result, the mindset of the user is different with respect to receiving advertising.

I know that personally, I rarely give Facebook ads a glance. There is not a ton of variety in the ads I am offered and they are often just way off the mark with regard to my needs and tastes. As a result, I have developed a classic case of Facebook ad blindness. I know where they will appear in the layout and I have, on some level, just blocked them out. Occasionally something will catch my eye but not often.

Of course, that is just one person’s experience. What about your experience with Facebook ads? As an advertiser how effective are they for your investment? As a Facebook user, how engaged are you in the ads offered on the site? In your opinion, how different are the two mediums, search and social, when it comes to advertising?

  • Great post Frank! If marketers are not yet taking advantage of Facebook, then need to start ASAP! with close to 400 million users there is bound to be someone that everyone can market to. Thanks

    • Thanks for your review, Frank. Indeed, we all know the purpose of search advertising: to capture user intent. Social advertising is a different story. There have been successes in brand lift, as well as direct response. We look forward to experimenting with our advertisers to surface best practices and customer profiles that achieve success. Stay tuned!
      – Max Kalehoff, Clickable

  • Thank you Frank!

    This is something that we atm need. Benchmark tool for ad services. Great, going to try this out when it goes live.


  • Guess you know by now that Kenshoo has also integrated with Facebooks Ad API. Would you like to hear about their offering? Let me know if you would like to talk to their Exec Team…