Cup of Joe: Are You Profitable or Pragmatic?

red ipodI do a lot of different things in the Internet marketing industry. But I think what I do the most, and quite possibly the best, is product development. I write code, I manage designers, and I promote products. All of these things have to do with product development. Over the years I’ve come to believe that every product developer must make a decision when developing a new product. They must decide whether they are building their product to make money or to solve a problem. Sure you can make money by solving problems but you can also solve problems without making a dime and make tons of cash without solving problems.

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It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming

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Half of Bloggers Consider Themselves Journalists

PRWeek has published the results of its latest study on the media and journalists—and bloggers are increasingly including themselves among their ranks. Just last year, only a third of bloggers considered themselves journalists; now 52% do. However, only 20% receive most of their income from blogging (but that’s up from 4% last year). Just a month ago, New York City recognized bloggers as journalists; surely the trend will only continue to rise.

Social media continues to have an increasing impact on traditional media. PRWeb reports that “91% of bloggers and 68% of online reporters “always” or “sometimes” use blogs for research, [but] only 35% of newspaper and 38% of print magazine journalists suggested the same.”

YouTube Video Page Goes Live for All

YouTube has been working on its layout for a long time. They launched the Feather experiment in December and a similar new page layout in January. Just last week, they finally did something to make the comments somewhat more useful, in a limited, no-opt-out test.

Apparently that went well, because now they’re rolling out the new layout for all users. YouTube touts the layout as cleaner, simpler and easier to use. They group more info about the video in one place and cleaned up the actions bar to streamline sharing, flagging and embedding.

The Highlights view of comments, above, is now the default, highlighting top-rated comments and comments from the video creator.

Now Compare Your Search Ads to Facebook Ads Performance

One of the many nagging questions that many online marketers face is trying to show just how well search ads do as compared to social media ads. Well, beginning on April 12, Clickable is giving advertisers the ability to compare their search ads’ performance against that of ads on Facebook. If this works as advertised this could provide some valuable insight into just how well ads on social networks perform.

TechCrunch provides some more details

It will soon be possible to compare the performance of search and social ad campaigns side by side. Clickable, the ad management platform that lets search marketers measure and track the performance of their online marketing campaigns across different search engines and advertising networks, will be adding Facebook Ads as an option on April 12.

Star Results for Google Mobile

At the beginning of March Google introduced the ability to star results in their SERP’s (search engine result pages), which would bring those results to the top of the same search performed at another time. Now this same functionality is being rolled out to mobile search.

As with anything that Google does on the mobile front these days the question is will the new function be offered across different mobile devices or is the new feature an Android only one. This time the new feature seen below is available in the US on all Android, iPhone/iPod and Palm Web/OS devices (Sorry Crackberry users. Looks like this is just another signal that the big loser in the mobile race may be the BlackBerry).