Does Android Infringe on Microsoft’s Patents?

Late yesterday, Microsoft publicly stated that Google’s mobile operating system, Android, infringes on Microsoft copyrights in everything from the UI to the OS itself. But they’re okay with that—as long as they get paid.

CNET reports on Microsoft’s accusations.:

In a statement to CNET, Microsoft deputy general counsel Horacio Gutierrez said that, although Microsoft prefers to resolve intellectual property licensing issues without resorting to lawsuits, it has a responsibility to make sure that “competitors do not free ride on our innovations.”

His comments came as Microsoft and HTC announced they have inked a new patent deal that specifically provides the Taiwanese cell phone maker with the right to use Microsoft’s patented technologies in phones running Google’s Android operating system. Microsoft said it has been in talks with other phone makers.

Google Place Pages Optimized for Mobile

While Facebook is handing out stickers to the “Like” page businesses of the world, Google is continuing its move toward mobile integration of all things Google on the local level. The latest development is the introduction of optimized Place pages for the Android and iPhone/iPod Touch crowd.

As a result, I think the mobile experience of a Place Page trumps the desktop experience by a mile. One thing that I dislike about Google Place pages on a desktop or notebook is the amount of white space in the listing. You can never do enough to make a listing look like it has some depth. The presentation of the very same data on a small screen though, looks so much better and provides a much better user experience, in my opinion.

Google Search Offers Way to Easily Find Similar Pages in Results

Google continues to change the face of the SERP’s (search engine results page) by taking more real estate on the first page with information that expands on the traditional “blue text link” results. Yesterday, they took a feature that has been around for a while but, as they put it in the Official Google Blog, “hasn’t been too visible” until now. Simply put, Google is telling its users what pages are similar in specific direct searches and taking out the need for another click to find them.

From the Google blog:

Local Businesses Get Facebook Decals for Promotion

In an attempt to become even more ubiquitous, Facebook has started to send out decals to local businesses to put in storefront windows encouraging patrons to go the establishment’s Facebook “Like” page to do just that; like them. Here’s a picture

The above decal was sent to Mashable by an employee of The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA. On the Mashable site is an accompanying letter telling the company about the “program” and offering a $25 credit to run Facebook ads to promote their page as well.

Ontolo Link Building Toolset Launches; Pilgrim’s Save $100 a Month!

Remember the super-smart link building guys behind Ontolo?

Well, they’re continuing to blaze a trail, this time launching the Ontolo Link Building Toolset which promises to do the heavy-lifting for your link building efforts. Not only that, but they’re offering an exclusive, limited-time, offer for Marketing Pilgrim readers.

What it does:

  • Link Prospecting, based on your targeted keywords, not competitor backlinks.
  • Link Qualification, based on several metrics.
  • Ability to search directly on your link prospecting database for very specific kinds of link prospects; ie: guest posts, directories, blogs, sponsorships, etc.
  • Access to an exclusive membership which includes support forums for link building brainstorming and collaboration, case studies, webinars, exclusive advice and tips, exclusive video and training content.

Who it’s for:

Facebook: Where Fraud Isn’t Fraudulent and Privacy Isn’t Private

Facebook has been making their own rules since they came on the scene. Although they’ve taken more and more heat for their almost-constant privacy changes, it seems like we find a new low every few months. Meanwhile, even the courts are beginning to side with Facebook on advertising issues.

Facebook gained a partial victory in the US District court last week in a case on click fraud. Judge Jeremy Fogel decided that advertisers could sue Facebook for charges resulting from “invalid” clicks&madsh;but not “fraudulent” ones. A clause in Facebook’s advertising contract, tentatively upheld by the court, actually protects them from any suits about fraudulent clicks.

Google Acquires LabPixies to Tick off Apple

Google has announced its latest acquisition, an Israeli company that builds iGoogle and Android gadgets. The Israeli financial news site TheMarker speculates the deal’s value at $25M. While LabPixies does seem like a natural fit for Google, some speculate this is just the latest volley in the building Apple v. Google war.

Just last week, Google snapped up Agnilux, a startup founded by former Applers. While the LabPixies acquisition will help Google expand further across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the most direct threat to Apple is that LabPixies also designs widgets and apps for the iPhone. MediaPost reports:

Though a bit player, the fact that LabPixies develops personalized Web gadgets for the iPhone won’t be lost on some analysts who’ve speculated that Google buys companies just to annoy Apple.