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Prominent UK Politician Encourages Google Click Fraud?

From what I remember of former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott–it’s been 10 years since I left England–he was a bulldog of a politician, who always liked to pick a fight.

It appears he’s still up to his old tricks and inadvertently learned a new one as well: click fraud!

In what he may have considered to be a innocuous tweet, Prescott suggests Labour Party supporters click on Google AdWords ads paid for by the rival Conservative Party.

The link actually refers to this AdWords ad:

You could argue that all is fair in love and politics–after all, the Conservative Party is pretty brazen to buy the ad in the first place–but click fraud?

Has this happened in the U.S.? I don’t recall seeing anything that suggested something so low. I wonder what–if any–action Google will take over this.