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At the beginning of March Google introduced the ability to star results in their SERP’s (search engine result pages), which would bring those results to the top of the same search performed at another time. Now this same functionality is being rolled out to mobile search.

As with anything that Google does on the mobile front these days the question is will the new function be offered across different mobile devices or is the new feature an Android only one. This time the new feature seen below is available in the US on all Android, iPhone/iPod and Palm Web/OS devices (Sorry Crackberry users. Looks like this is just another signal that the big loser in the mobile race may be the BlackBerry).

The Official Google Mobile blog tells us a bit more

Earlier this month on the Official Google Blog, we announced how stars make search more personal by allowing you to mark and rediscover your favorite content. Today, we are extending this feature so that you can get to your favorite content on your phone, anytime, anywhere. For example, if you previously searched for “car reviews” and starred a few sites that were useful while researching cars on your computer, searching for “car reviews” on your phone will allow you to rediscover your starred items. If there are additional results that you want to star while on mobile, simply click the star marker beside the result, and you will be able to see it later when searching from your computer or phone.

Google continues to make the experience from desktop to mobile more and more unified moving forward. The faster they move to this end the faster there will be a real battle for the mobile space especially if Apple is really considering their own search engine.

This should get interesting.