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I just had to chime in on this whole kid who got “tased” (shot with a Taser gun) by a Philadelphia cop as he ran onto the field at Citizen’s Bank Park during a Philadelphia Phillies game.

Here’s two video versions of the same event. Both are considered content but how is the event perceived when you see the ESPNized version vs. the fan from the right field seats raw video and audio?



Personally, I think the second one tells the better story especially if you are a familiar with Philadelphia. The fans go from screaming “Tase him!” to stunned silence that he was actually tased, to booing the fact that he got tased to then applauding the kid even though what he did was just plain stupid. (By the way, I love Philadelphia and its sports fans because there is nothing like them on the planet.)

The same event with two different content presentations. Is the story the same or different? You tell me.

  • By the way i live in NJ and a die hard phillies fan and have had season tickets for a few years now. I was not at that game but would of did the typical cheer, boo and just tase the guy already rant. ESPN editors must of did there own version so no one will complain about us phillies fan’s actions in the raw video.

    When i was a kid and was at a rain delay at Veteran’s stadium, i saw a fan run out on the big tarp in the infield and do a head first slide just as the police gang tackled the guy. We all cheered for the guy who got put in handcuffs. What can i say, we phillies fans love our sports teams and not afraid to speak up or just yell at the games.

    Thanks for posting these videos, i get a chuckle out of the Raw video.
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  • I’m a Philadelphia sports fan and yes, we’re awesome! Thank you for giving our fans some props for being amazing — it doesn’t happen that often. I suggest viewing the timeline of epic events in Philadelphia sports history.
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