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If I embed this tweet about embeddable tweets, will I create an eternal Twitter loop & rip a hole in space & time? 😉 than a minute ago via web

Apparently not. 🙁

While embedding a tweet about Twitter’s new embeddable tweet feature tool hack won’t bring on the Fail Whale, it wil make it a whole lot easier for bloggers to embed a 140-characters of juiciness into their blog posts.

Perhaps the only thing more interesting than this new feature is that it’s not a feature. In fact, author @robinsloan updated the official Twitter post to make it clear that this is more of a “hack” than a “feature.” Which leads me to believe that either this embed hack really is just too rough to call an official feature or perhaps Twitter’s trying to downplay its significance.

After all, Twitter’s now controlling how you use Tweets in your blog posts. It now has an idea of what tweets are popular enough to be considered embed-worthy. It’s now tracking your every tweet and will eventually start charging for….OK, maybe I’m stretching here.

Maybe. 😉

  • Ah..Visiting this page from my Google Reader and I must say the embedded tweets look plain sad on Reader..
    .-= Anand´s last blog ..Spring Design Alex Technical Specifications =-.

    • It doesn’t surprise me. I for one, will continue to simply grab a screenshot to avoid formatting issues.

  • The person or blogger who will embed another twitter account tweets, will certainly popular his account and give more weight to him…….
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Poor Internet Reputation Management =-.

  • One more tool for the scraper site arsenal. Smooth move, Robin Sloan. Welcome to the world of supplying search spammers with their next generation of revenue. Pity they don’t give you a cut, isn’t it?