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Facebook served 16% of all display ads in Q1 of this year, according to comScore, making it the largest online display ad publisher in the US—handily beating #2 Yahoo, reports ClickZ.

Facebook’s growth is impressive whether compared to its Q4 numbers or Yahoo’s numbers. In Q1, Yahoo’s properties saw 132B impressions (12.1% of all online display ad impressions). In Q4, Facebook served about 115B impressions. In Q1 of this year, Facebook served a whopping 176B impressions: a 53% increase over its previous quarter. (Yahoo saw a slight decrease from Q4: down from 140B impressions, or 6%, and all other major ad players also saw declines.)

Last year in Q1, Facebook served 70B ad impressions, which means they increased their ad impressions by over 150% YOY.

And what do all these numbers mean? Well, first of all, Q1 had more than one trillion online display ad impressions. comScore CEO Andrew Lipsman also pointed out that the ad growth correlates with the number of page views they’re seeing for Facebook:

We’ve seen increases in the number of visitors to the site, and also increased intensity of use which results in more pageviews. The increase in pageviews has been pretty consistent with the increase in ad impressions.

However, these numbers don’t mean that Facebook is making more than Yahoo. CPM can obviously vary from site to site—and Facebook has some major changes coming for its CPM advertisers that will mean fewer clicks. It’s also important to note that these numbers don’t reflect Yahoo’s ad network, just impressions on Yahoo properties themselves.

What do you think? Are advertisers following users in a shift away from portals to social networks? Where is advertising more effective?

  • Facebook is getting MASSIVELY popular with advertisers because of the insanely high level of targeting you can do with their ads as well as the relatively cheap cost.

    Haven’t looked into facebook ads for my business yet but will have to soon before the prices start to rise!
    .-= Nathan Rufus´s last blog ..From Information Junkie To Infopreneur. Who’s Coming With Me?… =-.

  • I definitely believe this to be true, but which site had higher conversions
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  • It is quite impressive to see this. I have to admit the fact that I did not even consider advertising through facebook but It does seem I was really wrong. This is quite an important piece of information and if I think about it better it makes sense. You can make a lot better conversions through Facebook.
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  • Hey Jordan, I never really used facebook much to be honest, just seen it more as play thing rather than a marketing tool, but with the figures you have quoted I am fast coming round to the idea that facebook has an awesome amount of marketing power, so yes I would say that advertisers are shifting over to cash in on the power of social networks, Sally 🙂
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  • One trillion impressions, not bad! Facebook gives advertisers all the information they need on their market. That’s why it will be the most popular advertising medium, all the analytical information and demographics a marketer could dream of is at their fingertips. I think advertisers will always shift to whatever the most popular channels of communication become. How many advertisers are really pumped about using newspapers for advertising right now? Not many. It may reach 10% of the town’s population, whereas Facebook display ads will reach only interested viewers with a required click as well as a very large number of those viewers.
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