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While geo-location services often have trouble pinpointing exact location (studies have shown that 40% of the time they are inaccurate) that hasn’t hampered the growth of foursquare. In fact, the exponential growth of checkins is starting to produce numbers that boggle the mind. As marketers it is now getting to the point where ignoring the trend will come at your own risk.

Mashable reports

A tweet from Foursquare yesterday revealed that the company is doing “10+ checkins per second.” We did the math and at 10 checkins per second, Foursquare is processing about 36,000 checkins per hour — putting the daily checkin total somewhere around 864,000.

In fact, once Foursquare hits 11.58 checkins per second — a milestone foreseeable in the very near future — it will be processing over 1 million checkins per day.

That’s a lot of activity for sure even though many still wonder what the point of all of this checkin activity really is. In the end it may just be a way for people to make themselves available to marketers at the right place at the right time with the right need. A true marketer’s trifecta if there ever was one.

Mashable’s Jennifer Van Grove makes a good point in assessing the success of foursquare and giving the mainstream press coverage its due in this growing success. Funny how such new and innovative things rely on the same thing that business has for quite some time now. Word of mouth and playing to peoples’ desire to be ‘cool’ will always play an important role in making or breaking products or services be they online or not.

Where are you checking in from this holiday weekend? Wherever it is be safe and have fun and remember why it’s a holiday.

  • I just read that article on techcrunch about geo being inaccurate 40% of the time. That is astounding. How do these guys stay in business!

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